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For Swaps Vic - Ford El Falcon - 300rwkw Lpg Turbo Sleeper!

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Hi All,

I'm doubting I'll get much interest in this kind of vehicle on this site, but I thought I'd try just in case!

Ideally, I'm looking for swaps for any of the following:

S14 S2 200sx

S2 Stagea

Or the right R33 (again, must be S2)

So if you've got any of those and you're interested, give me a yell!!

1997 EL Falcon Futura sedan

-Red in colour

-Grey interior


-ABS (have pulled fuse for more predictable on the brakes spooling/burnouts)

-Cruise control - still there and working, just need a factory bracket to hold the cable to the rocker cover.

-Tinted windows

-Power front windows, Remote central locking etc

The car itself is in tidy, clean condition. It's not perfect, but that's all part of the sleeper theme. Has the usual scratches and dints that you'd expect for a 12 year old car, but the paint is quite shiny.

Interior is good condition. Only modification in the interior is a boost gauge under the ashtray, which is fairly discreet.

Mechanically it has a freshly rebuilt bottom end and head, has prepped rods, ARP stud kit and a few other touches that I can't quite remember. These engines, even in standard form, tuned correctly are known to hang together with big power.

6Boost exhaust manifold,

50mm wastegate,

T04Z spec turbo with a beanie.

Bleed valve to adjust the boost.

3" mandrel bent exhaust from the turbo back. The tip is even squashed oval just like the factory one, so you can't tell is has an exhaust. It's fairly quiet too.

600x300x75 cooler. This is currently unpainted, but as it sits very neatly inside the standard bar, it's not particularly noticeable. I do have the factory mesh to put back in front of it though, and I was planning to spray the cooler matt black.

The piping under the bonnet has been painted black to look as standard as possible.

Fuelling consists of:

GRA LPG setup consisting of an S480 throttle body, twin B2 converters, twin lines all the way to the tank and "hi flow" lock offs.

The petrol system is still present and working. It runs very well on petrol, but as it's the standard pump, injectors etc you can only cruise off boost. It's still very handy for when you run out of gas, or can't be stuffed filling up!

This car is cheap as to run, and costs me less than $10 per 100km to run!


Crane Hi-6 MSD Ignition and LX92 coil. I've mounted the Hi-6 setup inside the passenger kick panel to keep it dry and safe.

ICE 9mm Race leads

Custom tuned ignition map via a J3 chip in the factory ECU. Map sensor has been modified to bypass boost.

Auto has been rebuilt with extra clutches and has a mechanical shiftkit, which is not too firm to be a pig to live with. Currently has the standard stall. I do have a 3000rpm converter, but I haven't got around to putting it in yet.

Diff is the standard 3.08 ratio (excellent for loading up the turbo and helping it spool early) with a mini-spool.

Suspension is stock as a rock all round, which helps it hook up well.

The entire build is less than 6000kms and 6 months old! I'm only looking to sell as I hardly use it, and I would like to get myself back into a Nissan turbo.

The car is currently putting out 303rwkw. There is room for more though, and while it has plenty of fuel and spark to keep going, it needs better intercooling to go further. There is half a water injection setup already in the engine bay.

Overall, the car is a massive sleeper and given the standard ride height, standard hubcaps, stock looking exhaust, cooler behind the bumper etc, it has never had a 2nd glance from the police.











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