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Engine Swap Help Needed


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hey guys

im goin to be doing an engine swap on my r33 gtr, we are putting a new motor in, still rb26.

im just after sum info about what i need to do in regards to register it as its gona have a different engine number. after info about NSW rego.

what info will i need to get off the guy im buying it from?

where do i have to take the car in regards to any inspections or stuff like that?

i realy dont know what i have to do so i kinda need advice urgently

any help at all will be greatly appreciated

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My mother's '86 Skyline GXE dropped a big-end and we had to source another engine Chris.

I forget all the details, but I think we had to have all the paperwork on

i) who sold us the engine

ii) engine # but not sure about Kms

After the donk was installed, the paperwork was taken to the RTA.

I don't think we had to take the car there at all.

I don't think we had to call REVs either.

My long-term memory is not quite as bad as the short 'Kris'

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The best thing to do is when you buy the motor get them to write you a reciept with the engine number, vin the engine came from if available, K's on the car if aplicable, then when you fit the engine to the vehicle go to a place that does blue slips and they fill out a blue slip with the new engine number on it then go to the rta with it tell them you have swaped a motor over and that you want it changed on the rego papers. Hope this helps you

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you mite be able 2 register it still if you know sum1 that does blue slips well. but not sure bout that way if you have lost the reciept 2 be honest. unless you still have contact with the person you bought the motor from just get them 2 write up another reciept

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Yep as everyone said, RTA wont accept details unless you can prove YOU PAID for it...... ie reciept details with reference to the engine #. I found this out whilst standing infront of an RTA lady when trying to update details after dropping an RB25 into the Cefiro.... DOH

Luckily i had the receipt still....

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ok just got off the phone to the rta, thought id post up my findings for anyone else who needs the info i the future, you just need a receipt with the buyer and sellers details, name address and the date and price that it was bought for, signed by both parties, if you cant get that then a stat dec from the buyer explaining the reasons why you can get or dont have a receipt, the price and date you bought it and then with the stat dec its up to the rta manager whether its accepted or not,

i guess if its not accepted you could pursue it further so yeh its not a lost cause, lucky me

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all you have 2 do with the blue slip guys is to just say i just replaced the motor can you check the number and note it on a blue slip then go to the rta and do all the paperwork up there they shouldnt check over the car if you say that

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