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Sauwa Paintball Day


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OK, the time has come!

I am organising a paintball outing for club members.. this will be a casual punter day with possibly a beer down at the Serpi Tavern afterwards.

Date: Sunday, 25th October 2009

Time: 12:00pm (best to arrive about 11:30am)

Venue: Action Paintball Games WA, Punrak Rd Serpentine

Will require a $50 deposit the week before which covers a basic marker and goggles hire and you get a free 100 balls for depositing early. After that, pricing is as follows:


There are also 3 levels of upgraded markers available:

$20 upgrade - BT4 Combat, mechanical marker with an agitating hopper. Better barrel and slightly higher rate of fire compared to the base gun.

$30 upgrade - SmartParts Ion, entry level electro-pneumatic marker. Huge rate of fire compared to the mechanical markers.*

$40 upgrade - SmartParts Shocker, tournament level electro-pneumatic marker. Huge rate of fire and better barrel than the Ion.*

*I highly suggest that if you decide to go for one of the electro markers, that you also get a large paint package because you will chew through the paint rather quickly.

Camo overalls are provided and it's best not to layer up big time underneath because you'll get rather hot in there. Some sturdy shoes that you don't mind getting dirty is also the go :thumbsup:


- bubba

- R Dirty 3

- Mr Keets

- Marco

- Ossie 21

- Pattygtst

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$100-150 is a good day out paintballing.

If you're getting a mechanical marker then a SCOUT or TROOPER package is good.

If you're getting an electro then a COMMANDO or TERMINATOR package is the go.

The 2000 round package seems to be a bit much for most people even with electros.

The electros are the most fun and I'll let you all have a fingerbang of my favourite toy too :P

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Once we have more of a list of people (and closer to the date) I will start taking desposits. The deposit covers your initial equipment hire, 200 balls and a free 100 balls, any extras (paint packages/upgrade markers) will need to be sorted out on the day once you get there.

P.S. I'll need a mod to add people to the list!

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Hmm....should I really spend my birthday being shot in the nuts (probably) all afternoon??

Survey says....yes


Mary spent her birthday standing on the side of the field getting shot at.. at least you'll be able to shoot back!

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