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Hey guys i have searched for a while now and found some interesting stuff but still nothing to confirm 100% what i wanted to know

ill post what i have found but if someone can correct anything they think is wrong please let me know

Front rotors

R32 - ??????

R32 M SPEC - 280 x 30mm

R32 GTR - 296 x 32mm

R33 GTST - 296 x 30mm

R33 GTR - 324 x 30mm

R34 GTT - 310 x 30mm

R34 GTR - 324 x 30mm

Rear rotors

R32 - ??????

R32 M SPEC - 297 x 18mm

R32 GTR - ??????

R33 GTST - 297 x 18mm

R33 GTR - ??????

R34 GTT - 297 x 18mm

R34 GTR - ??????

So im guessing the r34 gtt calipers would be different to the r33 gtst calipers correct?

And if all the turbo model skylines had the same rear brakes it shouldn't matter which one i go for but at the moment i have

z32 rear brake set up

z32 front brake set up

im looking at going for the r34 gtt front brake set up to get that bigger diameter but obviously there is no reason to go for the r34 gtt rear set up if its the same as the z32 anyway correct?

also does anyone have any info on the r34 bmc?

I got my self a bm44 from an r33 for now and ill probably install that and see how it is, if its shit house then should i get an r34 bmc or go straight for a bm50 from an r32 m spec?

another question is i have a braided line set up for the current s14 brakes will these still bolt straight up to the r34 calipers?

by the way this is all on an s14 chassis, sorry for all the questions and thanks for taking the time to read it all.

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piston size in the front sumitomo calipers is the same so no issues with retaining the r33gtst master and swapping the fronts to r34gtt.

I ran the stock master and rears on my r32 with r34 fronts and it worked fine.

I'm pretty sure the r32gtst has a bm44 as well, it was the gtr that got the bm50

I don't know about the s14 lines. I'd assume they'd fit with some minor bending of the hard line as the s14 got a cast iron version of the 4 pot caliper.

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thanks ryan yeah that confirmed it a bit more for me thanks, was just getting some miss info from one site and it was conflicting which to beleive.

looks like i should be right with my r34 fronts and z32 rears and r33 bmc then, shibby shibby i love brakes.

hey ryan do you have that table for the rears as well?

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another question i assume the r34 calipers are different to z32 fronts? either they have a different mounting section or the actual r34 uprights have a different mounting section to accommodate the larger discs?

just wanting to make sure i dont have to buy anything else to fit the r34 rotors to my uprights

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