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R33 Series 1.5 With Some Tasteful Goodies :p

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hey guys

iv had the car for about about a 6months - 1yr and i just wanna see what kind of interest people have in my car, and with some right offers ill probably sell her. selling her due to because unfortunantly some retarded cop pulled me recently over for a random check and got done for

"driving a high powered vehicle" and therefore loss my license. so im sick of all the attention and will prob turn to NA.

so here are the specs

MODEL: r33 series 1.5

COLOUR: white

TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual

MILEAGE: 115 xxxx


the car has been very well maintained and clean car, serviced every 5000-8000km's with castrol EDGE oils. it has also been recently serviced, when i changed the head gasket so, new spark plugs, oil filter, oils ( gearbox and engine oil) coolant etc. further more i only pour petrol at BP optimax or shell V Power.


gt garret 30r turbo ( low mounted )

555 apexi injectors

blitz turn flow fornt mount cooler,( which follows the standard piping)

apexi power fc with hand controller

full exhaust 3inch including a nismo front pipe, xforce cat and a custom twin cannon exhaust



blitz POD filter

GFB bleed valve

xceedy cushion button clutch ( really nice and easy to drive unlike the brass button clutch)

ACL metal head gasket ( recently install, not even 2000km olds)

head has machine and pressure tested, warp tested etc ; everything to install the gasket ( got receipts to prove, 2.5k+ worth)

ABS, ( being series 1.5, it has many series 2 features such the abs, sun roofs etc)


top secret front bar

sunroof ( really rare to find in skylines)

series 2 spoiler

random rims but suit the car, with 80% tread left

car has been professionally lowered on super low King Springs but has standard struts

rear window and rear quarter windows have been tinted to the darkest legal tint ( looks real nice at anytime of day)

The car it self is in good shape, but there are a few minor dints, easily fixed. also i have standard front bar that will be given if wanted, if you dont like the after market front bar, i bought the standard one but never got a chance to put it on.

blitz boost gauge

auto meter stoich meter ) it reads air to fuel ratio

custom red door trims ( bought the car like that, but it looks alright,)

custom carbon look on center dash.

all work that was done to the car was done at Edge Motor works at Cambellfield which is just off sydney rd. with these mods, the car has the potential to pump out 260-280 kw atw. the reason why i havent tuned it yet is because i have no time to because im full time at school.

im after 14k ono or swap depending on car preferably honda /toyota ( euro, integra, civic corrola etc) no low BALLERS PLZZZ

RWC will not be given but i have some standard parts that i will throw in ( exhaust, BOV, springs) that will get you the RWC

pm for more details or to grab my contact no.


post-63568-1250270313_thumb.jpg post-63568-1250270335_thumb.jpg post-63568-1250270361_thumb.jpg post-63568-1250270386_thumb.jpg post-63568-1250270413_thumb.jpg post-63568-1250270452_thumb.jpg


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