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R34 Gt4 -> Rb26 + Suspension Modifications?

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I have seen few r34 GT-4 (2door) skylines here on RB25/26 Engine. Real GT-R is expensive to get in Finland (22%vat and 10% taxes etc) and also i have brand new dry sumped N1 engine with forged internals on my garage + big single turbo. Also it is better idea to cut GT-4 rear to suit widebody fenders than very expensive r34 (i like look of sun linee racing widebody kit). Also want to run with seqvential or dog gearbox so no need for getrag..

I want to drive Finish timeattack series. I have one pair of F40 brakes bolted to my r32 gtr and i can move those parts to gt-4 chassis etc and i have to weld full safety cage anyway and same time i can full spot weld whole chassis to get it better.

Does R33 rear subframe and diff fit to GT-4 chassis or do i need R34 subframe? Do i need R34 or R33 front hub to fit GTR shafts and does it have same suspension on front than gtr? If i use GTR rear subframe and hubs gtr suspension will fit to rear?

I think i will run with haltech + racepak display and i my occupation is electrician so wiring is not problem maybe i will go to custom wire harness anyway.

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