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What Skyline Shape Do You Like Best?


What skyline shape do you like best?  

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between those options I have to go with the R34, I prefer the rear end styling of the R32 though but overall it's the R34

outside of those options it would have to be the KGC10 hakosuka

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Do you know what I'm really annoyed about? :angry:

I can find a 1/18 Model of an

R32 GT-R +

R34 GT-R +

R35 GT-R...

But for the life of me, I cannot find a (metal) model of an R33 GT-R !

Only Tamiya (plastic)

AND THAT STINKS!!!!!!!!!!! :down:

NO JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!! :D

yeah i voted: for the skyline that has the best balance between curves and straight lines = R33

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R32 GTR all the way. You could dangle the keys to any other car in front of me,and I will grab the 32 everytime. Theres just something about that late 80's shape and feel that has won me. I appreciate all the others....but R32 GTR is my Dream car

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Ive always loved the sexy curves of the R33 GTR.. but im a series 3 kinda guy - they have to have the lower front lip and the series 3 xenons. :angry:

34 GTR comes a close second, i was recently considering buying a sexy looking bayside blue R34 GTR but couldnt get my head around the slight boxyness of its ass, still considering if its the next car for me. But other than that, damn are they sexy or what! :D

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Very tough choice indeed. I love the shape of every model ranging from the 32-34, but I had to go with the 34. Regardless to say, any tough line i see on the street will drop my jaw :D

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i like the r33's with a gtr or 400r front bar and an intercooler behind it, looks mean. However i dont like the standard r33's with the standard front bars, their ugly.

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where are the dr30 and v35 and v36?

f**k them.

Where's the Hako?


Heres a little something to sway you guys just that little bit further in my direction.. hahah :down:

Yours is one of the tidiest I've seen, and one of the few that I don't instantly dislike (Wilch's being one of the others) but I'd still take an R32 or R34 over them.

I just wouldn't be emo about the looks if I did own yours.

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