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Sony Ericsson C905


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Hi all,

Im selling a Sony Ericsson mobile phone C905.

This phone is brand new and the box has not been opened!!

It is thru Vodafone so Im assumint that the phone would also be locked to the Vodafone network!!

The phones are really good phones as a few of my friends have them.

Unbelievably clear camera! 8.1M

The only reason im selling it is because I have an Iphone and I dont need 2 phones!

I have checked on the net and Im asking $400 firm!

I think that is a very good price as the phone is an Australian model and is brand new!!

Willing to ship anywhere at buyers expense!!


Pm any questions..

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hell good price! i work at 3 mobile, brand new they like 800 or some crap

dnt got money atm tho otherwise woulda taken it ha

Yeah i know, Thanks

But I know that if I put an expensive price tag no one would have been interested!!

I checked on ebay cause im assuming everyone would check there for a price...

I have a friend that works in a phone shop and she told me cost for the phone was $536...

So its well below cost!!

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