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R34 Gtr Bolt On Build

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Hi all,

As discussed in another post, I've recently had one of the stock turbos blow so its time for a long awaited turbo upgrade! I really wasn't planning on this (as if anyone does plan for their mechanic to blow a turbo but we'll leave that alone) so I want to achieve a good increase in power with minimal loss of funds. To do this I'm thinking of just doing a few bolt ons for the time being, leaving me room to do a rebuild in the future if need be.

So I guess first up is the choice of turbo. I'm pretty confident that the 2860 -5's should accommodate my needs quite nicely. Now some might argue that the -9's are better for this but like I said I'd like to leave the opportunity to rebuild the engine and throw some bigger cams in at a later date and not have to upgrade turbos again to get the most out of it. The car is also a daily driver so anything bigger is really out of the question as it needs to remain comfortable to drive.

Just got 100,000km service kit so new water pump, thermostat, timing belt, ancillary belts, spark plugs etc... have all just been done.

So as stated I have an R34 GTR with the following basic mods:

- trust/greddy split dumps and front pipe

- hks cat back exhaust, soon to be replaced with trust/greddy titanium item ;)

- apexi power fc

- blitz i-colour boost controller

- trust/greddy adjustable cam gears

- Apexi pods to support z32 AFM are in the mail as I write this

Other than that the car is stock as a rock. I'm a complete newbie to all of this and am trying to source all the parts myself to save a few bucks. So heres a list of what I believe I need to complete my bolt on upgrades:

- 2860 -5 turbos x 2

- Z32 AFM x 2

- Injectors x 6, what size and brand? I was thinking SARD 700 or 800cc? the 700cc have a time of 0.65 sec and are 1 hole where as the 800cc are 1.1msec and are 2 hole I think. Are they 10.5 or 11mm, the sites don't seem to specify, do I need to match with the fuel rail? Please enlighten me on the subject!!!

- Nismo fuel pump

- Nismo fuel pressure regulator

- HKS fuel rail, what size 11mm or 10.5mm???

Is the factory intercooler good enough for my needs? I do live in a sunnier part of Oz.

So what does everyone think of my list, have I missed anything? Are these parts the best choice and best bang for buck?

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lose the nismo fuel pressure reg it is 100% waste of money for your setup.. Rail is a total waste too.

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A genuine replacement is like $320 for one injector I belieive.. check perfectrun, greenline, nengun, rhdjapan etc for a set (6) of sard 534, 650, 660, 700 or 800cc injectors is about $730 delivered (been on special for the past few months).

Injectors you want top feed, low impedence, and make sure they are RB26 specific. Nismo 555cc and 600cc are direct fit, Sard 534cc to 700cc are a direct fit, 800cc require you to modify your injector plugs.

This was posted in one of my threads - should be useful for you. (thanks moodles!) So use the standard fuel rail. No need to doubt anything URAS says - he knows stuff.

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Pretty cool setup you got there mate, hope everything goes smooth for you!

im doing the same upgrade soon n im gonna have my intercooler flushed to get rid of oil buildup as it effects cooling efficiency, cheap and should definitely be on your list of things to do.

get the exhaust manifolds bored out a bit to keep the gas flow smooth n dont forget new turbo/manifold gaskets

if your gonna get the cooler cleaned up, might as well check all the pipes for cracks and maybe grab some better hose clamps (like the crinkle ones) for better seal) and limit the chance of a hose popping off.

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Few things, random order...

Parts you dont need

fuel rail



Parts you have a little wrong

Z32's AFM's do NOT bolt on. Forget them.

You need Nismo AFMs (perfectrun are the cheapest for these)

Also use the factory airbox, otherwise you are going to hurt performance just using pods and sucking in hot air. Stock airbox is good for 400rwkw.

Also stock cooler = fine.

otherwise, plan looks good. I dont agree with -5's, but i never do (plus if you are rebuilding, you have to take the motor out and swapping turbos is a 30min job with the motor out) ;)

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r31nismoid I've ordered the apexi z32 super suction kit so I'll be able to use this with the z32's. I'll also be fabricating some sort of custom air box or partition for the pods as well as some cold air induction. If I'm not satisfied I'll upgrade to the ARC airbox or just put the stock one back in.

R31Nismoid what would be your choice of turbo? the -9's???

So just to confirm I should be going for the SARD 700cc injectors as they will go straight into the stock fuel rail. What about the time and the fact they are one hole? is this good or bad or what?

At a later stage I'd like to change the cams, and I'd like to get something with some decent mid and top end as the stock setup has fantastic midrange but not a much improved top end. Would the tomei poncams be a wise choice for this setup or should I go something a little more aggressive like the hks step2 264's with 10mm lift or similar. I'd need the valve springs but thats not a problem. I did see some Jun cams which seem to have a lot more lift, 10.8mm I believe, would these perform a lot better or would that difference in lift be negligible?

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Yep -9's.

You can just sell them if/when the motor destroys itself and then go full house and all the rest of it then.

Any jap injectors made for the RB26 bolt in.

You'll find the 'lack' of top end is the turbos, not the cams. With bigger turbos on it will pull to 8,000rpm without a drama.

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