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Auto-wing Mirror Retract Unit For R33's

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Hi guys,

Some time ago I designed an automatic control circuit for the wing mirrors on my '33. I went ahead and built a prototype unit (see attached). I cut a few wires off the loom behind the mirror switch assembly, soldered everything together and it was done.

Basically it just automatically retracts the wing mirrors on my car when I turn the ignition off, and vice-versa when I start the car up.

It's been in the car for a while now and still works without a hitch. :D

Just seeing if it's the sort of thing other Skyline owners might want. If I built a batch, I reckon I could probably make them at about $35 a pop.


Cheers -Tom



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Couldn't say, I've never been in an R34. Do they have the same mirror retract feature as the R33's?

The '33 basically has a 3-position switch (retract/neutral/extend) as part of the mirror-adjust cluster. If the wiring circuit's the same or similar, then it shouldn't be a problem.

Actually I think there's probably a few jap cars with this feature, not just nissans. possibly a by-product of narrow car spaces in japan??


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If there's any R34 owners in the sandringham area that want to drop by, I'd be happy to check the wiring on the 34's to see if it'll work on them too. It'd probably only take 5 mins.

Cheers for everyone's responses.


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34 has a retract/extend switch.. don't think it goes into neutral.. if you can get it to work on 34 then i'd be interested..

ah ok. That should be fine.

It was designed to integrate specifically with a standard 3-position switch (including the neutral position). Basically, it overrides the existing switch assembly and moves the mirrors in or out depending on whether you've just turned the car on or off (this is deturmined by the +12V Accessories wire). after it's done this, the unit switches itself off and reverts back to normal mode, so that your standard mirror extend/retract feature still functions as normal. so, for the unit to work, you need to put your switch into neutral position so that your car won't retract or extend back the mirrors after the unit has does its work.

In the case of R34s, if there's no neutral position, you can just leave the standard retract/extend switch disconnected from the unit. it just means you won't have manual control over your mirrors while the unit's connected up.

A bonus of having the unit is the power source. The standard extend/retract mirror feature on a skyline needs accessories power to work. That means you have to wait until the mirrors are all the way in before you turn the car completely off. However, with the unit I ran a full 12V supply from the loom (actually it turns out there's a spare 12V slot in the fuse panel). That way the mirrors can retract while the car is off. I also stuck a ~10 second delay in the control circuit before the unit pulls the mirrors in. This usually gives me enough time to get out, shut the door, lock the car etc. The mirrors just close as I'm walking away from the car. I might make the delay a little longer though.


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i duno bout you guys but my car does this already and i havnt modified anything, i noticed everytime i didnt put the switch back into the middle (neutral) position they would fold in n out wen i turn the car off/ start it up

my 2 cents

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i duno bout you guys but my car does this already and i havnt modified anything, i noticed everytime i didnt put the switch back into the middle (neutral) position they would fold in n out wen i turn the car off/ start it up

my 2 cents

Could be a v-spec feature maybe? Anyone else's do it?

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  • 2 months later...
Yeah would be good to see an update on whether these will go ahead..

Good timing. They're not far off being finished. I'm building a batch of about 20. Had a few design revisions and materials costs blew out a little (compared to my original estimate of $35 - probably more like $49 once complete). That's pretty good though when you consider you'd need two timing relays, one standard relay and a lot of wiring if you tried to build it from scratch, which would probably set you back ~$100.

Not sure about advertising. I'm not a registered business on SAU so I don't think I'm able to advertise here.

RE: R34 owners - still can't confirm compatibility. I'm 90% sure it'll work. I'd rather check first before promising anything.

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How exactly is it installed in the car?

I'd be willing to buy one of my R32.

I've made up a step-by-step installation guide with pretty pictures and diagrams. Anyone that can use a soldering iron shouldn't have any dramas installing it. There's four wires behind the mirror fold switch that you'll need to modify - 2 that will need to be cut and soldered to the unit, another 2 that are used for signal and ground. Then you need to find a 12+ Batt source to power the unit. And you're pretty much done. just mount the thing under the plastic cover below your steering wheel (or wherever it'll fit).

FOR R32 and R34 owners: You can check to see if you've got the following wires behind your Mirror control switch:

DARK GREEN with black stripe

CYAN with black stripe

CYAN with yellow stripe


If so, Nissan would have used the same or similar wire combinations as a carry over from model to model. It'll make things much easier when installing. Might be similar with many other Nissans of that era too.

A little info on the switch and loom... You basically have your three-position switch which is used to control the fold feature for your mirrors (apparently it's a two-position switch on R34's). There's two wires coming out of the switch which are directly connected to the mirror motors. So really it's just a case of bypassing the switch and controlling the motors directly with these two wires.

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Im intersted but would like to know they'll work in the 34

I tried doing a search for R34 Service manuals. Found one - it had an electrical section but I couldn't find any wiring diagrams specifically for the mirrors.

I'd be happy to take a look at someone's R34 if they wanna drop in. I'm in Bayside area, Melbourne. First one to arrange a visit I can offer free installation if you end up buying a unit. PM me if interested.


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