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hey guys,

thought I'd start our own spotted thread!... some of the other states have them, and I think it's a great idea especially to find out if the Skyline you saw was someone off the forums or not!

well I'll start :(

spotted tonight (Wed 17th) a white R33 on Canberra Ave heading towards Qnbyn (going under the Monaro) at about midnight. If you saw me, i was in the red R33 waiting at the lights!

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I see loads, but doubt they are people from the forums.

Today, Wine Red R33, Exhaust, Lowered, really nice silver dish wheels, Drove with him from Tuggers to Lanyon, then he turned.

If you see a Black Series II R33 with no front licence plate, dats me :(

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I might as well add one too :(

Silver 93/94 R33 GTS-t with nice mags and a Elite sticker going south bound on Tuggers parkway on Tuesday at about 5.20ish..

I was the other silver R33 right next to you that tried waving at you to say g'day but you didn't look over :) I got brushed like a bad haircut :(


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Saw a wine red R33 GTS-t going towards Manuka today (I was turning off to Fyshwick) and a charcoal R32 GTR with V-Spec II stickering going up Monaro Highway towards Fyshwick (seen it a few times now in the mornings on the way to work).

EDIT: Forgot to add spotted Shell's car quite often at work :( although i dont see it as much anymore

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started work today at teh ACCC WOOT and firstthing i see as i rock up into the car park is a very nice skyline in the car park silver with nice rims pretty sure its a R33. then going ot lunch parked outside is a yellow skyline no rear spoiler think it was a R32 though could be wrong and again whilest i was at KFC in dickson a white skyline with big front mount :( 3 very nice skylines think i like the silver one the best though :)

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the yellow one is an R34, i see it quite often when im driving through dickson. I see people all the time, but always going the other way. i don't think my skyline sticks out much though, its fairly stock except lowered with rims + zaust

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EDIT: Forgot to add spotted Shell's car quite often at work :D although i dont see it as much anymore

hehe SPOTTED...work car park...white R32 GTR...seen once (ages ago)...never seen since ;)

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    • Yeah being Merican it won't go around corners. Self drive might improve my changes of driving it in a straight line though!
    • Cost is not the point. 30 yr old worn out linkages and butterflies that don't seal..... vs brand new something else. I know what I would be doing. If there wasn't already an ITB setup available for a similar engine, you wouldn't even be considering using 30 yr old worn out shit. You'd be looking at other options straight up. My brother-in-law built up a set of ITBs for a n NA 7M from scratch (from bike TBs), because that was the only option. He then did the same for a 2JZ. I mean, shit, it's not even as if the RB26 setup is bolt on. You have to do so much f**king around to put them on that it is simply not worth the pain unless you like the pain. Not in any meaningful way. The age difference probably explained all those failures. RB25DE made no power from factory, so had no need to have good flowing ports. The Neo 25DEs in particular, used the concept of keeping the ports small to keep the velocity high to maximise in-cylinder mixing. Remember that the whole point of the Neo was to meet the ELV emissions requirements that the vanilla RBs had no hope of achieving. Not really. It's just that you can overcome poor head flow with more boost. That's not a clever way to do things, because inefficiency is still inefficiency. So OEM engineers tend not to do it that way! Meh - they're just not that exciting. Have a google around for how much power people are actually making out of worked NA RBs. They're OK, but they hardly set the world on fire. You'd probably make a lot more power with any of the more modern 2.4-2.5L 4 cylinders, as pedestrian and horrible as they are. As an example - my NA 2JZ example from above. ITBs, good extractors, cams, 20% capacity advantage over an RB25, and certainly no worse engine design (actually a substantially better engine than the RB)..... made about 140rwkW. Was nice to drive, but certainly wasn't fast. Even if you can turn it to 9.5k rpm and maintain torque production up at those revs (ie, lots of cam!) then you still only make maybe 20 kW more. I'm not trying to dissuade you from anything. Just pointing out that the NA RBs are not some super engine. They don't hold a magical key to massive power (TM) just because they are newer and twin cam. The RB bottom end is actually not that far removed from the L series bottom end on which it was based. The basic engine architecture goes back to the Mercedes in-line 4s and 6s of the 1960s that Nissan copied to come up with the L series. http://build-threads.com/admin/z31-300zx-project-z432/
    • American junk, probably riddle with defects and will catch on fire - then they will lawyer up and blame you.
    • Non-NEO RB25DET with VCT utilise hydraulic lifters, they're actually pretty good however don't like the tits revved of them as the hydraulic lifters can't keep up. To some extent, they're better as there are no shims to spit out and require pretty much no maintenance. In stock format, big cams and stock valve springs they are aids. Valve lift galore, with decent springs, cams they're a pretty good head. NEO RB25DET, although in theory "It's a RB26 head with VCT" in practice is a touch different as it's shim over bucket, not bucker over shim. Problem with this, is that if your clearances are shit, you'll shit out shims when you rev the tits out of it or bang the limiter more than Stacey's mum.
    • Yeah it's a fu(king disaster this thing.  I'll probably bin it at some point and buy a Prius.  Should be able to get $175000 as a roller anyway... I wouldn't fit a dirty stinkin Tesla to it BTW but I would put an Audi GT RS leccy donk in it!  
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