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HSC D&T Advice.

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For my major work I am going to be building a car from scratch or modding up my Corolla (LOL). I am thinking the first option. I was wondering if anyone could give me an estimate for how much it will cost, if it can be street legal and any other forms of advice, like what chasis etc. etc.

It would be helpful if anyone knew or worked at a garage where I could borrow tools or bring in my car to work on it in there. I need to do it all myself, but I can have someone helping me ie. telling me what to do as I do stuff.


Oh I figure I should introduce myself, I am currently in Year 11, names Michael. Nicknames EvilElmo, long story behind it. I like cars, womens :rofl: and yeah typical adolecent male stuff.

Thanks again.

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I had better give some more info. Just to clairify.

Basically I want to build a car, that can go a decent speed (lets say 150km/h) from scratch, ie. Buy my own engine block and put that all together, stick it in an engine bay of a chasis (i dunno a mini for example) then put on the drive shaft, transmittion, wheels etc. etc. basically make as much car as I can in a few years.

I dont know what other info to give.

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Are you sure you want to do that? That is a HELL of a lot of work. I think you might be able to pull it off by making a basic gokart style chassis out of pipes and putting a smallish 4 cyl engine up front - maybe something with mix and match parts like the 4AG Toyota engines (so you've actually got something to do, rather than just bolting an engine in).

Let us know how it goes down the 1/4 when you're done btw :rofl:

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G’day EvilElmo

I’m in the process of designing a car from scratch and it’s a bitch. You need alot of time and alot of patience.

Firstly you should decide what sort of car you would like to design, road or race car, for example:

Group B rally car

Le Mans Prototype 675/900

Road/Sports car e.g Lotus Elise

Replica e.g. 60’s Ferrari/Aston Martin

Clubman type vehicle.

Or something that doesn’t fit into those categories.

Look up the Australian Design Rules so you know what the design must include.

Find out what materials your school will pay for and how much they will pay. They should cover simple materials like tubing for chassis construction but they won’t pay for the engine, brakes or other specific automotive parts and possibly not even Fiberglas or paint.

The following includes a list of useful engineering books and some websites.

The Gmecca site will help in telling you what components you need, so you can search for prices, and tell you what parts of the vehicle to design in which order i.e tyres inward.

The Mulsanne’s Corner includes a link to Le Mans Prototype design rules, which can give you and idea of dimensions and design ideas if you choose the track/race car option.

The Juno Racing and Formula SAE websites are to give you similar ideas.

Engineer to Win: The Essential Guide to Racing Car Materials Technology or How to Build Winners Which Don't Break by Carroll Smith

Tune to Win: The Art and Science of Race Car Development and Tuning by Carroll Smith

Drive to Win: The Essential Guide to Race Driving by Carroll Smith

Carroll Smith's Nuts, Bolts and Fasteners and Plumbing Handbook by Carroll Smith

Chassis Engineering/Chassis Design, Building & Tuning for High Performance Handling by Herb Adams

Competition Car Suspension: Design, Construction, Tuning by Allan Staniforth

Competition Car Data Logging – A practical handbook by Simon McBeath

How to Make Your Car Handle by Fred Puhn

Sheet Metal Handbook by Ron and Sue Fournier

Race Car Engineering & Mechanics by Paul Van Valkenburgh

How to Build and Modify Sportscar and Kit Car Suspension & Brakes for Road and Track by Des Hammill

Competition Car Preparation – A practical handbook by Simon Mcbeath

Performance Welding by Richard Finch

How to Run a Successful Race Team by Steve Smith

How to Blueprint & Build a 4-Cylinder Short Block for High-Performance by Des Hammill

Race and Rally Car Source Book by Allan Staniforth

How to Choose Camshafts & Time Them for Maximum Power by Des Hammill

Auto Math Handbook: Calculations, Formulas, Equations and Theory for Automotive Enthusiasts by John Lawlor

The Step-By-Step Guide to Engine Blueprinting: Practical Methods for Racing and Rebuilding by Rick Voegelin

Fiberglass & Composite Materials: An Enthusiast’s Guide to High Performance Non-Metallic Materials for Automotive Racing and Marine Use by Forbes Aird

Aerodynamics for Racing and Performance Cars by Forbes Aird

Race Car Aerodynamics: Designing for Speed by Joseph Katz

Low-Speed Aerodynamics by Joseph Katz and Allen Plotkin

Brake Systems: OEM & Racing Brake Technology by Mike Mavrigian and Larry W. Carley

Performance Wheels & Tyres: Tire Construction, Tire Construction, Tire Sizes, Alignment, High Performance Street & Racing Tires, Tire Testing & Tuning, Plus Sizing, Mounting, Balancing & Fasteners by Mike Mavrigian

Brake Handbook by Fred Puhn

The Car Builder’s Handbook: Tips and Techniques for Builders of Kit Cars and Street Rods by Doug McCleary

Fiberglass Repair and Construction Handbook by Jack Wiley

Race Car Chassis: Design and Construction by Forbes Aird

Race Car Vehicle Dynamics by William F. Milliken, Douglas L. Milliken

Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics by Thomas D. Gillespie





Purchasing the books you need will cost close to if not over $1000. Race Car Vehicle Dynamics by William F. Milliken, Douglas L. Milliken I saw second hand for $208. Damn good book though but that’s an extreme case of price. Start with vehicle dynamics, chassis and suspension design books. By then you’ll know what area you need to know about next.

Don’t be thinking 18” rims and turbo conversions because bang for buck they’re not worth it even if you can afford them. And don’t think up crazy shit like mid-mount 4wd stuff because you won’t find a donor car.

Another option is to take an old car and restore it. Much Cheaper and still good fun to drive! My pick would be a Datsun 240Z, Ford Mk2 Escort or possibly something even as modern as a Peugeot 205 Gti. Whatever floats your boat but pick a car with good chassis design to start with, not Cadillacs and Yank stuff. The three cars mentioned will easily put paid to your Corolla.

I don’t think you would be able to build a car from scratch and have it on the road under $20000 but I may be wrong. $20000 = 89 GTR

Any other questions feel free to ask.

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Holy Jebus, thanks heaps for the help. Books I will be able to find on the interweb hehe :rofl:

I am thinkin on something that I can just have as a hobby, like keep on doing after I leave school just for the fun of it. Prolly not street legal. A race car would be cool.

Yeah I am lookin at low 5's for the 1/4 Mic33r.

Minutes that is.

I will read through those sites and such and then get back to you guys.

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