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WTD: R33 GTR parts


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Hi there, just after a few parts for R33 GTR (prefer Melb.):

- RHF (drivers side) guard

- Series 3 lower lip (below front bar) aftermarket f/glass or s/hand genuine (plastic)

- Series 3 or 400r clear indicator lenses in front bar

Just PM with price and location if you have any of these....


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I can get the following parts:

R33 GTR N1 Front Bar Slot Left - $307

R33 GTR N1 Front Bar Slot Right - $307

Series 3 Front Lower Lip - $980

+shipping to your door.

These are brand new, and have to be ordered from Japan.

Let me know if you want them and I can order them for you.


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UAS sell a fibreglass copy of the Series 3 front lip, but it doesn't have the centre divider in the holes, so it's just one big hole on either side of the lip.

They sell for $295.00..

I would much prefer to keep the normal PLASTIC front lip than get a fibreglass replacement. One bump to one of those concrete blocks in parking stations, one big scrape up a driveway, one time reversing and the lip catches on something and rips, and you can say goodbye to your front lip.

One of the best things about GTRs IMHO, is that they look GREAT with factory styling which are available in PLASTIC!!!!

I've had too many issues with fibreglass front bars in my lifetime, so perhaps I'm too cynical, but I've wasted THOUSANDS away by systematically destroying fibreglass :)

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I have a contact at the Nissan Dealership nearby my place...

I've spent an inordinate amount of money with them buying parts for the three skylines I've owned and he gives me a big discount on whatever he can.

I might be able to get them a little cheaper again, but I'd prefer to work off those prices for now (which are already discounted) and if I get 3 or more concrete orders in, then I'll ask him to do a further group discount.

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I spoke to a business contact today who runs an plastic vacuum/injection moulding company, about copying parts (In particular Series 3 Lip) & making them from a poly"something or other" plastic, rather than fibreglass. He said no problems, I just need the part to show him. I will fund the whole thing, considering the Initial cost will be expensive, but cost per unit could be reduced to around the cost of the fibreglass unit...


Your contact who can get the Series 3 Lip... do you think you could arrange a lend for a week or so??? You would be compensated for your effort :rofl:

Guys let me know what you think, otherwise we could always pay $1000+ or fibreglass for around $600+ fitted...

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As I said in an earlier post, they have to be ordered from Nissan Japan and shipped over, so we'd have to buy one to use as a template.

An SAU NSW member has recently ordered/purchased a Series 3 lip for his GTR, and I don't think it has been painted yet, so I'll ask him if he's willing to lend it to us for a while.

A few questions first:

1. How long will it take, so I can tell him how long he'll lose his front lip for

2. You said that it will be made from a poly"something or other" plastic... I assume polyurethane. But then you said in your last sentence "or fibreglass for around $600+ fitted"

Did you mean polyurethane in that last sentence?

3. Will they be the same strength as the genuine items?



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Monday I have a meeting to discuss our options further, but thought I would see your & others interest first.

Secondly, the biggest issue is getting our hands on a genuine lip.. That would be fantastic if you could arrange that. Time wise?? I'll confirm on monday for you.

The material used could be anything, however he mention that most body parts are made from a poly "something or other" & that he could do the same, however this can be costly... so on monday we could determ our options regarding materials.

Strength?? well I figure if we could keep the end cost around the same price as the fibreglass lips, & these ones being much more resistant to cracking, have close to or better flexing abilities than the genuine... which product do you think, would be more attractive?

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I've had another thought too, in that I could get Unique Autosports on board and persuade them to pursue this option to increase their parts lineup...

That way, perhaps they can purchase the original front lip and lend it to us.

If you could get me a list of all the different materials the copy can be made out of, and a write up of their strengths and weaknesses in relation to the original plastic lip, I'll be able to present some (hopefully) attractive options to John (owner of UAS)...

This way, your contact might be able to make some more money out of this project through UAS's sales.

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