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I think everyones circumstances are different. If you're debating whether to go N/A or turbo, no one can really tell you what's best for you - that's something you'll have to decide for yourself.

For me personally, I chose the N/A route because at the time power wasn't my highest priority. Choosing N/A mean't I could get a better car for my money, more importantly I could get THE car I wanted for my budget. With N/A I also got the added (and welcomed) bonus of:

Cheaper Insurance

cheaper on fuel

and it's less likely something will go BANG! :)

The downsides are obvious - less power and less modifying potential.

Do I regret going N/A? Nope. But my next car will be turbo'd...:)

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Hmm my choice was based on looks more than power...when I bought my 34 back in 2002 the prices were still high...so N/A was as far as the budget could stretch. But it's getting a turbo put on next week, so I'm going to be happy with the end result anyway :P

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i agree, there are plenty of reason to go N/A - Insurance, not so much initial purchase cost, but certainly the quality of the car you get for your money. of course, once your over the initial thrill of your first skyline, you come to realise why the make turbo cars... and then you gotta have one !

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yeah i was wondering about that, because i got the feel from some of the posts that people bought an N/A skyline and that sticking a turbo in the engine was something to do when they have enough money.

but i was reading about this guy who as a project is trying to get as much power out of his skyline without using a turbo, so there must be fans.

i'm sure my first car will be naturally asperated, financially but also so i wont kill myself as easily........

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also u get owned at the lights

probably find that NA is a favorite amongest younger drivers money wise (yes we want fast cars with big turbos) but in the end the insurance could quite possibly be more than the car. Also you find some people (like dan) end up putting turbo on it anyway, yes its cheaper just to sell the car and buy a turbo one but after owning it for so many months or years you just fall in love with the car and it would be hard to let it go.

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I was keen to get a turbo but my parents stopped me. I'm happy with my n/a though :) Sure its a bit slow in a straight line but its still quick enough to rape my mates cars and it handles just as well as its turbo sibling (if not better; less weight). Insurance only marginally better than a turbo, it wasn't a deciding factor. Oh yeah and in Vic the n/a meets the power to weight ratio of 125kw per tonne for p platers, so its good to know you're legal!

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You guys actually have restrictions on the power of cars p platers drive!? man, that is the best idea ive heard in a while - there aren't many p platers (or even after that) who can safely handle big horsepower cars. Should be a requirement to pass advanced driver training courses to be able to drive them - better for all of us then - don't kill people, but more important, no writen off cars ! :)

back to the point though, i know what you mean greg, about maybe losing out a bit in a straight line, but pretty much any other car (except the turbo guys of the same) gets left in the dust (or smoke) at the first corner. then again at the second.... and third.... and.... well, you get the point.

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yep N/A certainly have distinctive note - specially intake draw. Exhaust can become a bit tiresome on long trips though - Dan, what is that baffle your talking about. I'd have thought you'd need to change entire zorst systems to get them quieter?

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GenesisR32 - Yep the car is now in getting all the fruit stuck to the engine, I'll have it my hands by the long weekend...what a wait I can tell you!

pstanbis - Did you mean Dave when talking about the baffle? Either way I used to have the same exhaust as Dave, managed to pull 113db at 4500rpm....let's just say it's one mean exhaust, sounds damn good! The baffle just extends the exhaust pipe through the resonating tip, just tones it down a bit.

If you want to get noticed get this exhaust! LOL


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    • I'm not sure if this helps or not. I recently upgraded to R34 Vspec2 Brembo's on the S2 Stag. I used this braided kit: https://safebrake.biz/home/292-skyline-gt-r-r34-awd-26tt-brake-upgrade-safebrake-performance-hoses.html Beyond this I got the R33gtr front brake hard lines, that go over axle hub just behind the dust plate and all lined up beautifully.  The braided lines were same length as the stock ones. Needed to buy 2x longer bolts for one of the hard mount points for the braided hoses up the front. Trim rear dust shields so could fit 322mm discs. It's a pretty straight forward job.
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    • There's a guy that calls himself Boosted International. You're able to request non standard designs off him too. That cost me $67 delivered so not bhed.. https://boostedintl.com/product/r33-gtst-gts-gtr-ashtray-gaugeholder/  
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