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Do you think R34's would sell in Australia?

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Hi everyone!

I am just wondering what everyone thinks about R34's and if they would sell in Australia.

My uncle, has undertaken ISO for his Workshop and just deciding on the car to import under RAWS.

His ideas are R34's or Rx7 (1998)

I think R34's are best as they have GTS-ts and also the GTRs.

He said its possible to import the GTS-t, and sell for 35k fully complied, and the GTR for 70k fully complied.

What does everyone else think? Is it worth doing? He wants to have cheaper prices then they are selling now so they become more common in Australia.

PS. The GTRs would not be V-specs as that is another SEVS compliance.


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the v-spec has the exact same power, same torque, same drive train.

The difference is the v-spec has the ATTESA ETS PRO. the normal attesa system can transfer 50% of the cars torque to the front wheels in 1/100th of a second.

the attesa ets pro does it in 1/1000th of a second.

did the r33 gtr vspecII have a carbon fibre bonet or was that the r34?

the r34 vspec came with underbody diffusers and a different diff. i think in the vpsec the diff was electronically controlled?? i could be wrong.

the vspec and vspec II models were also heavier than the nromal GTR

also some stiffer suspension and a vspec badge.

edit : grrrr i cant upload the vspec diff

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Actually Evo 7s or 8s were the next car we were planning on targeting if we can get the ball rolling.

The reason that all cars (allowed by SEVS) could not be brought over, is purely financial and time constraits. We also have to be sure that people are willing to purchase the vehicles. Therefore I'm just asking everyone around to see if there is a genuine interest for bringing in these vehicles.

So keep letting me know your thoughts and comments on R34s or any other vehicles applicable to be brought in under SEVS guideline.

To get a GTR-R34 V-spec in you have to do a whole new compliance, where as a R34 compliance allows you to bring in GTS to GTR (Standard)

If there was a large market we would also consider V-specs, which would retail for only about 5k more than a Standard GTR.


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ohh btw..just correcting you a bit hehe

For an R34 turbo - RB25DET is called a GT-t not a GTS-t

GTS-t is only for an R33 and R32  

btw whats the difference between a GTR v-spec and a normal GTR?

Well seeing as we're doing a little correcting, here's a little correction for you hehe :D

The R33s aren't GTS-ts, they're GTS25ts and the R34s are 25GTts

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Where have you been living? R34 are driving around plenty on the streets, and there are many already in the country.

As for EVOVIII not much chance as they're selling them locally for $65k soon and all imported versions have been an absolute ripoff. At least it will settle those prices to more realistic level.

For $35k you can bring in a GT-T through a number of importers very soon - so it would be hard to remain competitive, there would be nothing "exclusive" about what he was selling at least. But people would be interested.

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Hi all.

Since we are making corrections on this thread I figure it is my duty to correct a bigun from gekisouzoku.

I am at the final stage of gaining RAWS certification (FORS audit - Soarer) and I am good mates with the proprietor of Shogun (who should be the first RAW in Oz with R34 plates). He has informed me that the R34 GTR and V-Spec can be complied without needing seperate certification. However any R34 GTR must be certified seperately than the GTT as the engine evidence is totally different (RB25DET NEO versus RB26DETT). In other words if your test car was an R34 GTT you can only comply R34 GTTs but if your test car was an R34 GTR (either kind) you can comply both normal and V-Spec models. Also, apparently there are problems at the moment with R34 GTRs passing emmissions testing under the new system as the written evidence of the previous low volume system is no longer valid. I am told it could take some time and some (legal) trickery to get them to pass.

Anyone is welcome to correct me if I am wrong.

Have a good one.

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Garage Menace, I would agree that that does sound more likely BUT if you check out the standards on the RVCS SEVS list, Entry No 030/00

It clearly States the variants of the R34 you can import:

Variants: 25GT Turbo, 25GT-V, 25GT-X, 25GT, 25GT-X Four, 5GT Four, GTR

Yes it is 3 different engines:

rb25de, rb25det,rb26dett

So unless they are wrong (which is actually highly possible for government agencies), then what we plan to do is ok.

Entry No. 022/00 is for V-spec R34 GTRs

is for rb26dett engines the only variant it states is V-spec (no others are mentioned.

This is a bt confusing to me now :s


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DoughBoy, that is Shogun Car Company in Brisbane.

Gekisouzoku, I will check again but while all of the R34 models you mentioned are eligible for importation and compliance, only the specific models on a RAW's schedule can be complied. All the SEVS list is is a list of vehicles which are eligible for importation and compliance once one has passed through the relevant (and exhaustive) RAWS acreditation process. That doesn't mean that one must be specifically acredited for EVERY single model in order to comply different models, but when there are significant differences (ie. RB25DET NEO versus RB26DETT) between models one must supply extra evidence that that model complies with the relevant ADRs. For example, if you have passed all the requirements and have R34 GTTs on your schedule, can you prove that the R34 GTR you are about to comply meets the relevant emmissions standards for the RB26DETT? To the best of my knowledge you do not have to go through the entire test vehicle process again to get GTRs if you already have GTTs on your schedule, but you do have to supply written evidence to DoTaRS that the emmissions system on your particular R34 GTR test car complies with ADRs (as well as other differences). However if you have R34 GTRs (normal) on your schedule, you can comply V-Spec GTRs as the differences are relatively minimal. Like I said, I will check again before you can quote me for sure (and anyone else with specific knowledge on this topic is welcome to correct me), but that is how I have approached my RAWS application.

I realise I have just repeated myself a little however the RAWS system is very ambiguous and complicated (often the DoTaRS and FORS inspectors argue amongst each other regarding rules etc so pitty the poor buggers - like me - who have to interpret the Guide to Registered Automotive Workshops) and this is an important issue which needs to be understood in order to avoid people innocently and inadvertantly importing vehicles which then cannot be complied, and must then be re-exported or destroyed if the exact process has not been followed, with the obvious huge financial loss which would result.

I have rambled but hopefully this has cleared things up a little.


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