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Oil Pressure problems R32


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Just thought I'd post this up since it may be of concern to some of you.

I have always had fluctuating oil pressure issues with my R32 GTS-T but when the engine recently spun a bearing and the engine was pulled down, I found that 3 of the 5 or 6 countersunk screws were not only lose but wound out up to 2-2.5 threads. Keeping in mind that these screws hold the back cover to the pump and thus maintain a pressurised area. No wonder I spun a bearing :)

Anyway, from all this I would suggest that if you're experiencing oil pressure fluctions you might want to get it checked out properly and not just assume it's the pressure sender or gauge.

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Exactly. Constant pressure but rises and falls. Most of the time with my car I had a rather average reading on the gauge and at the lights it would fall off to zero but the pressure light wouln'dt come on so it seemed OK ( keep in mind that I had the oil pressure checked properly on an independant gauge for peace of mind ).

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I wouldn't say that it's an "EASY" job but it's not the worst job in the world.

The pump is located at the front of the engine. It's driven by the crank shaft and is located right behind the harmonic balancer.

I'd say your first line of action if you're sus about your oil pressure, is to get it checked properly by a mechanic.

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Its a pain in the arse to get to. It sits on top of the sump at the fron of the motor. Then in front of that is the camshaft timing pulley, which sit on a locating pin in the crank. Then the belt pulleys, or as FAT32 says the "harmonic balancer" which is also located with a pin. Both items on this pin must be removed with a "pulley puller" :P

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I guess it is a pretty sh!t job but I've worked on some of the worst cars ever built so in my opinion, working on most everything to do with the RB nissans ( import skylines in general )is pretty kind to the mechanic.

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Bl4cK32, spend a couple of years working on cars like Citroen, Renult, Triumph, Jaguar, MG and some of the old Ferrari's, Lambohgini's, and Maseratti's and you'll smile at your nissan every time you work on it !! I DO, no matter how ugly the job is :P

BTW, my hands are not small but I learned how to get my hands into some very tight places.

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omg i sometimes get the symptoms u talked about fat32.

kinda scary coz it sounds like a big job to fix.

i've noticed it does it less when using different oils, but on the last change, using motul turbolight 10w40 technosynthase, i experiened quite a few times when oil pressure would just drop to 0 without warning light. it was always more the case of dropping oil pressures, never increasing. hmmm worried.

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I'd get it checked out if I were you.

If the pressure's no good do something about pretty quick. If you think the bill to get a new oil pump fitted is expensive, try a full engine rebuild :( Ouch !!

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  • 4 weeks later...

I have an R32 GTS4 and my oil pump is leaking. I want to take it off a replace the gasket and seal inside the pump - but removing my sump is not an option - with the transaxle being part of the sump I need to lift the engine rather than drop the sump. Should I be able to get the pump off without removing the sump?

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u know what ya problems are

the oils your using

i used a 5-40 shell helix ultra fully synth

and my pressure went to 0

i use now a 10-40 semi synmth mix

or the 7.5-30 nissan mix

all sit around the same pressure

currently using 10-40 valvoline VR4 semi synth

used mobil1 synth S and penzzoil GT semi synth

all had the same results

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armbrusb ,

on 4wd 's you have to remove the engine to remove the oil pump , its the easiest way . its doable on the car but by the time you stuff around and drop the sump say 50 mm ( u have to lift the engine a little ) you may as well take the engine out then you can do the big end bearings at the same time . the oil pump doesnt have a gasket you use a liquid gasket , when you pull the oil pump apart to inspect use locktite on the bolts .

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  • 1 month later...

what bearings are u talking about ? big conrod bearings u can do on a normal 2wd car but not the mains as u have to take the crank out . on skyline 4wds u cant take the sump off unless u take the engine out , so its no to your question .

why do you want to do bearings ? usualy if you are going to do bearings you do a complete engine rebuild . even if i was going to change bearings i'll take the crank out and grind it then use undersise bearings because if the bearings picked up the crank will not be 100% either , at least take it out and measure it .

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