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Drag Combat QLD 21/02/2004 Pics


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Here are some pics I took at the Drag Combat QLD event today before my battery went flat...

Predator and Darrinspencer have more...

Damn it was hot... The stands were too hot to even sit on... Track temp at 1.30pm was 51C ;) Ambient at 1.30pm was 42C and rising... We all left around 2.30pm as nobody was even racing at that stage due to the heat...

Most represented car of the day: R33 GTS25t Skyline Coupe :(







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MMMMM, Red light for me first round not happy jan, ahh well. It was a good day, i managed to steel my spot in the pool under the tent were the spinner wheels were sold for a while.

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I showed up around 3:30pm in an effort to avoid the heat and catch all the serious drag racing. Must say that i was very disappointed in the show up and the $30 admission fee. I could understand that people have to cover cost etc, But i was extremely annoyed that i paid that much for what i saw.

Struuto - thanks for the photo's, Least i know what i missed out on! I have some of my own but are blurry and not very impressive.

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It was worth $30

I got there at 10am on the dot.

The heat was absolutely insane, even my feet are suburnt!! :Oops:

Ive honestly never in my life drank so much liquid and not gone to the toilet, i had about 6 500ml drinks, mostly water and not once did it come out during the day.

I think they really need to shade the stands as they are unbearable to sit on and underneath is even hotter because the heat radiates through.

The girls? there were lotsa them. Bikini babe/Race Queens were awesome, Clara i think it was one the Bikini comp, she is farking gorgeous!!

101Motorcafe had some models constantly walking around, they also ran their GTR only once i think, cant remember what time it ran, but it was up against the Street machines white R32GTR and beat it.

I would never have ran my car today, i care for it too much, the temps in the middle of the day were outrageous. Like strutto said it got over 50c!!!!!!!

The Jetspeed people had some models walking around oh and the big wog people with gold chains all over them standing next to the cars hehe

Best time for the day was 7.55 by the 400cubic V8 pontiac drag car

ALL the rest of the prodrag cars had trouble all day.

Street machines ran a personal best in the blue R33GTR with a 10.89

The white gtr32 has so much potential with a proper launch, he just could get it right, it would have done 10s easy.

I think there was about 4 or 5max V8 that ran during the whole day. There was about 12 skyline entries i think.

I saw some skylines run 10+ times, like the custom carbon one, the oh wow, a few other maroon ones and some white, a purple etc

There was a nice R34 GTR stock that was running during the day, great car, best time was 12.04

There was a shit full drift car outfitter with wide kit deep rims stickers and paint to match that didnt run better than 20sec the whole day. Dont know what was going on there?

Only show and shine awards i heard was GIRLY with best overall car!! Nice ;)

The 200sx drag car skimmed the wall pretty bad, nothing serious, but enough to call it a day.

Crazy drag motorbike ran an 8 something i think it was. Damn crazy.

Supras were a rareity the whole day, there were 3 supras entered. One was white, one green and one blue. The blue and green were pretty worked with big tyres and NOS etc But they ran shit all day. Best supra time was something in the 11s and by no means consistant.

Overall the day was great, my first proper drag orientated day out and i loved it.

One question, HOW DID THE GIRLS WEARING LESS THAN A HANKICHEIF NOT GET SUNBURNT!! I asked one of the models walking around in the full cheeky black dress and top, she said its cause your wearing white. I just said so if i wear that i wont get suburnt? she said.. Hmm you got me on that one


I bought a Motul hat for $10 early in the day and it never left my head, which when i look in the mirror now... was a good idea :(

Leaving at the end was an absolute bastard there were like 20 lanes made by people with trees everywhere etc all trying to get onto one little road.

Youd think willowbank could use their brains and make a bigger road, not to mention the shaded stands too.

Oh and from about 6:30 onwards the "SMS THIS NUMBER AND WIN 1 ZILLION DOLLARS" competition was closed but they kept saying to sms it till about 8pm when they found out. LoL

I want my 50cents back!

Thats about all i can remember right now, im exhausted. Bought ready to pass out.. thank god for airconditioning otherwise it would be a long and annoying nite in this heat.

Peace everyone!


BTW- Stutto.. did you run? I saw a 4door run a fair bit during the day, then i saw it parked out on the grass later on?

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