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Da Bitch Is Back


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No not terrance, my car is back on the road as of Saturday. ;)

Stage 1 tune on sat at racepace we got a best of [email protected] at 1 Bar and then ran the a/f ratios a flat 12 and got [email protected] We didnt play with the adj cam or anything as yet coz I aint running any BOV's at the moment so I now have the DUT DUT DUT VL noise when I get off the throttle, but its sending the afm crazy with all that air going backwards and hitting the turbo blades and causes the car to stall if I get off the throttle hard and am not in gear. Go a set of R33 GTR BOV's going on hopefully this week so we can play with it a bit more and see what I get.

I couldnt run anymore boost coz I was only running off the 1 bar spring in the external gate and nige did not want to run my profec b with the external gate coz it dont control boost that well apparently with an external gated turbo.

Car is surprisingly easy to drive off boost and still has alot of low down torque below 4000rpm, but just on 4000rpm it will hit 1 bar boost and pull all the way rather quick to 7500rpm redline.

I took a few pics last night in my garage after the skid pad training day where I gave it a good run in, but the engine bay is filthy and theres wires and shit which I havent had time to reroute and clean up as yet.

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looks sweet!

Its actually quite filthy in there, its been sitting at the workshop with the bonnet open for around 3 months so it preety dirty. I am getting it steam cleaned after my bov's catch can and all the messy wiring u can see is all tired up this week.

There might even be a bit of blue rich incorporated in there ;)

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^^^ Seeing that. *cough*shitbox*cough*

How the FARK is my turbo going to fit low mounted ;)

Oh well, it aint my problem ;)

Looks great denham.

250rwkw @ ~15psi. Looking VERY nice indeed.

Mine gets here today/tomorrow.

Cant wait to have a run with ya.

Keep us posted on how it goes with the tuning etc.

And what are you gonna use to control the wastegate etc?

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All i will say ash is GOOD LUCK getting it to fit low mount without it either rubbing the engine or the engine bay. I had to use brackets to move the power steering bottle forward and a whole bunch of wiring on the passengers side had to be moved otherwise it will melt if it gets near the exhaust housing.

I gotta get an exhaust blanket for the exhaust housing also coz it blows back a bit of heat into the cabbin at the moment.

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yer i was donw at ice when gerald n nige were explaining to me all the crap they had to go through just to fit that thing in there, but as you'd expect from ice it turned out sweet, hurry up n get that rebuild denham, unlock the full potential ;)

Forgies etc will be very nice and then i can pump 2 bar and make around [email protected] but i have other bill to pay at the moment.

Hoping to have the next tune on wednesday for sat so we can play with a few other things.

After not driving the car for 3 months and now driving it i had a smile on my face all the way home after driving it from niges house to mine.

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sick as, but are you going to wait a while n learn how to handle the 250 rears first ? coz 350 rears is definintely more than a weapon on the street, like i cant see you even bothering dragging any cars... unless ur on 20% throttle n give them a bit of hope ;)

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I will be waiting awhile coz its lots of fun at the moment, but i might crack it upto around 18-20psi for 300rwkw for a few calder runs with some nittos and some better fuel. I think my z32 afm is a bit shagged also, so gotta test out another one coz the stalling problem shits me up the wall!!

BTW nathan theres a few secrets that Ben and Nige wont tell you coz they only tell high mount manifold turbo owners. wink wink ;)

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Yeah I was lucky enough to get to see this in action yesterday and it certainly looked and sounded very very nice.

And it was good to meet you finally too yesterday INASNT!  ;)

Good to meet you to man, and sorry i didnt hang around outside the gate after, but the misses was busting to go to the toilet so i had to hook off.

I was hoping all through the skidpad yesterday that nothing would break coz the turbo only had about 150 km run in before the tune and light thrashing i gave it on the skidpad.

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BTW nathan theres a few secrets that Ben and Nige wont tell you coz they only tell high mount manifold turbo owners. wink wink ;)


and hey is it you thats using my hand controller!!! i want it back lol

neeeed to see ricey display, its killing me with no hand controller rice, withdrawl *twitch*

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All i will say ash is GOOD LUCK getting it to fit low mount without it either rubbing the engine or the engine bay.


I know we gonna need it.

But wires etc, i'm lucky. All mine (being R31) are not there etc. And the bay has a slightly different design.

But mine sit's VERY low. So i wont need to move the P/S stuff luckily. Just need to make a add-on to my haet shield that i've already got.

Gonna be good fun. How does it feel?

Nice and responsive?

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