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What Have You Done To Your Stagea Lately?


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309kw @ 19psi dropping to 17 (i think :P)for my 2nd run in tune on the heartbreaker dyno. Running it rich until full boost tune at 3000kms... 800 to go :D Full boost will hopefully be around 25psi with the 3076r and Tomei built motor, I guess we'll see where she starts to choke.

Redline is now 8000rpm with the new harmonic balancer, which is entertaining lol. The Old Girl actually feels quick, now to get her fast...

E85 then

That is exactly the same as mine 19 dropping to 17psi made 338 on morpower dyno so if you took off the drop for the heartbrake dyno would be about the same ! Well done what rear did you end up running same as mine ?? Got a dyno sheet wold love to over lay it be interesting , yet again well done:)

Was going to keep playing with stag but the new drag car is taken over.

Ill just retune more boost 21-22psi and turn the water on should do for now .

So coming out on the cruise soon

Cheers jase

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Heh, I don't have access to the dyno sheet at the moment, I'm away on work. I have this crappy screen capture from a video of the run taken on my phone.

I'd love to post the video but it'd be way large, suggestions on how to post it may help me though, I have become less computer literate as time goes on.

Still running auto rear, I have been babying it on launches until a couple of further upgrades are made, just bought an apartment so spending on the stag is halting for a few months until I get money back in the bank :)

It will be interesting to see how ours compare on higher boost, I am really looking forward to turning the wick up and putting all that Japanese forged to the test :D

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Yeah you got a fair few $$$ worth of name brand parts in that engine :) should be able to handle a gut load of boost but I reckon your turbs as mine will will nose over soon after 22ish! Launches will be fine just not on preped track ,have you got an lsd in? What clutch you end up running,

Any way crappy pic and excuse filthy car but fitted my s1 miester R full carbon bonnett yesterday (über rare) very happy :)post-76904-0-59454000-1392384663_thumb.jpg

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Bonnet looks great!

Yeah, will just have to wait and see where the turbo finishes up, but I built the engine with the future in mind, so I can upgrade the turbo if I ever want more power. At this stage I'd be pretty happy with 330wkw on the heartbreaker tbh. Anthony @ Jaustech seems to think that its easily acheivable, he said the engine has so much left in it, which is reassuring :).

No LSD, I'll get a manual rear cradle in time, as finances allow. The next upgrade will be DBA4000 33 GTR front discs and matching 33 GTS-T rear discs and ProjectMu Club Racers Pads. I only have a few thousands kms left on my current brakes, so it will be a necessity more than a want.

I have a near new 2nd hand twin plate Nismo GMAX II (that I will sell one day when I get around to it lol) but i decided i wanted a new coppermix instead, so in the meantime I am running an extreme single plate something or rather... heavy as f**k, but holds the power :)


Edited by stageaharts
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you two have insane stags!

i installed my cusco coilovers and adjustable arms in the front


sitting pretty now, might roll the backs and drop it a tad more, but dont want to go stupid low.


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Nice one harts :)

Engine build specs?

Damn I'd love to go nistune board 6 and bigger injectors :(

After tune I'm putting it up on gumtree for sale I think.... All in my head, but if I got defected I'm rooted & would have to part it out. Never had an issue, moreso 'whatif' factor.

Will post back after tune with the result. I'd be happy with any result higher than previous tune pre engine rebuild (was 255rwkw at 1bar).

4b, looks awesome mate !!

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Thanks tangles, as far as the engine stuff is concerned it's a bit of a list so forgive me:

Stagea Rb25det overbore to 2664cc, 8000rpm redline, running on e85.

Garret 3076r

Tial 44mm external wastegate

AM Performance low mount exhaust manifold

Tomei forged Pistons

Tomei forged Rods

Tomei Oil Pump

Tomei Sump Baffle

Jun Crank Collar

N1 Water Pump

ACL Race series bearings

ARP Main and Head studs

Ross Harmonic Balancer

Tomei 256 Poncams

Supertech valve springs with titanium retainers

Full head recondition with mild porting and oil control mods

Shaved Deck

Splitfire coilpacks

Injector Dynamics ID1000cc injectors

Low profile fuel rail with external Turbosmart adjustable fuel regulator

Walbro e85 fuel pump

Apexi pod filter

AM Performance intake and intercooler pipes

Cooling Pro return flow intercooler

R34 GTT Nistuned ecu

Z32 Airflow meter

Blitz dual solenoid SBC iD III boost controller

AM Performance split dump pipe

Venom 5" high flow metal cat

Blitz Nur Spec cat back exhaust

R32 GTR pull type manual gearbox

Extreme ceramic cushion button clutch

Setrab 19 row oil cooler

GReddy catch can

Speedflow fittings and braided hoses

There might be more, but I forget on purpose to ease the financial pain :P

Painted black for the sake of stealth :)


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Bloody hell stagharts that thing is gold dipped ;) you could have bought two units:) should last for a 100 years ! Mines lasted a year of fun with full stock internals making what I do . You should chuck a bigger turbo on it and while your at it build a gearbox and push the mofo.....!

The box seems to be the next weakest link in my set up just waiting for it !!!

You have full tune done for the drags in end of march? Should run it :)

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Haha, I have learnt that nothing is bulletproof in the world of modifying :P But yes, I built it with the future in mind. In the longterm I'm sure I will put a bigger turbo on, bit I'm in no rush :)

I know what you mean about the box, mine seems to handle it fine at the moment, but I know that 300+ wkw is right on the edge of its working range.

I think that the tune should be done in March, bit the limiting factor will be whether or not I am in the state at the time.

Your car looks very similar to mine now BTW, black/carbon bonnet and black/carbon ganadors :) lucky I have black wheels hehe

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Mine isn't, just professionally painted satin black (2008, didn't even know about wrap back then)... was worried about the chances of getting pulled over being increased if it was carbon... but I do love the final motion carbon bonnet for the s1 :)


Edited by stageaharts
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went through a bretho last night, gave me a chuckle.

large rbt setup:

blew into the box


car infront took ages and the cop started putting his hands under the gurards and coudlnt fit

"mate i think this is too low, have you changed the suspension?"


"hmmm, " calls another cop over "hey do you think this is too low?"

cop2- "yeah probably" walks off

"hmmm sarge will know....hey sarege, is this too low?"

Sarge "For f**k sake mate were busy, seriously!"

"ok mate off you go"


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oh, so lucky!!! Thats what stresses me out


Being f/time student with no cash, I couldnt afford to do Regency if ever defected.

Pretty certain Im going to advertise properly - Gumtree - once dynotune done next week.

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