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My (Paulos) Ecr33 Build

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hey everyone, have started this as i want to share my build with everyone and hopefully inspire someone or get some advice along the way,

where to start... it a 1996 Gts-t manual, had it bout a year now and have done a little here and there, just the usual stuff THEN....

started getting mad boost spikes ( standard turbo ), searched the forums did a few quick fixes and no success, then one night on the way home from work it failed..

i am a mechanic at a Truck joint in melbourne so i have the luxury of having a S&^T load of tools but unfortunantly nowhere to leave my car, SO i rent a storage garage and perform all my work there,

its far from perfect but will have to do as my folks wont have it in the drive way.

this is how it was before i decided to go crazy on it



ok first of all ill show what i have done in the engine bay thus far, as i have some ok pics of my progress in that area

Removal of turbo, lines, Exhaust, manifold.. and replacement of the studs to shortened ones in prep for my 6boost manifold


had an absolute blast getting the studs out including two snapped ones and cleaned up the block and surrounding area while that side of the motor is apart...

next is the inlet. new plazmaman plenum in raw billet finish... is quite an easy fit, all i had to do was drill out the threads on the far l/h side of the lower runners and fit plenum, there was obviously mods to fuel lines, water and vac hoses and i extended some wiring but overall an easy install,, and how bout Plazmaman product quality!!! SWEET plenum.




then i decided to paint cam covers as i was out of stuff to do that night ( still waiting on parts ) came up nice i think...


other things sitting around atm are some rays CE28n i bought AGES ago and have not got tyres for yet and some 33GTR wheels i bought of here, new boost gauge and a few other things, turbo manifold and zorst are sorted but wont be ready for a while but im having a ball..



will post up every few days hopefully.

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just a few other things i have been doing while waiting for parts...

having fun repairing thread in head for exhaust manifold studs


removed gearbox a few knights ago for a new clutch.. the old one was not slipping but once removed you could tell it doesnt have much life,

i decided to change the clutch while everything is apart instead of replacing it after it fails on the dyno.


polished up my headlights this pic is before the final polish as my camera batt died but holy crap they came up way better than i thought cos they were so brown


measured up where i want my ps reservoir, air box is there as i have not decided whether i will use it or not so i want to make sure it will still fit... sorta need the turbo bolted on to finish this though...


im also in the process of putting carpet in the back, the centre was pretty easy and im up to the wheel arches atm, should be nice when done hopefully a lil different too


got news that manifold is nearly ready, wastegate is on its way so is turbo and intercooler piping. dont know when ill get them but hopfully in the next few weeks.

Edited by PaulosECR33
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got my turbo on friday its a gt3082 with a .63 housing, also got a oil and water line kit for it.. hopefully manifold this week or next and things will get moving again..

tbe hardest part is waiting for the money to buy stuff lol...

things i will be getting in teh next few months will be

-New radiator bigger core maybe a 2 pass if i can get one.

-1.5 way diff

-brake upgrade, only tonight i read up on d2 8pot upgrade and that looks ok, but for now it will probably just be pad and new discs, maybe 326mm with caliper spacers.

-exedy hyper single clutch

-found this cool looking catch can/washer bottle on just jap, bit pricey though although not as expencive as the rips one

-suspension setup. am lost with what to do here , it will be street driven to and from the track and im interested in drifting it so will have to look in the suspension forum to check out what i need there.. from my experiance in making commodores slide i need a tight as fcuk rear end and a loose front and more negsative camber induces more oversteer on the front, will have to do some research for the 33 though

-i am also keen on getting a fake gtr front bar as i like them better.

when i get the manifold ill post some pics of fitting her up & the oil and water lines to the turbo

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  • 6 months later...

ill try to bring this back from the dead.

no money and no parts make sh1tty posts but i have actually done something over the last few months

anyway ill get back into it, i have decided to get a vipec first of all, ordering soon but heres what has happened

Got Turbo Gt3082r .63 rear housing


Got 6boost manifold & heat wrapped


fitted manifold and turbo


took off manifold are redid crappy heat wrap.......

bought heaps and heaps off fittings, collant hose, braded hoses -3 & -10, power steering hose and efi hose god damn they cost a lot.

went broke again from all the fitting purchasesclosedeyes.gif

bought a surge tank and 044 for the boot, stripped boot and fitted out, (yet to be wired) used up 4m of efi hose & tried to make it as tidy as possible i think it came out pretty good.


got those sexy ce28s wrapped in rubber, Toyo T1 proxis on front (225s on 8,5 inch wide) and 2nd hand continental tyres on rear (265s off mercedes demo cars got sick price with like 90% tread, onto 9.5 inch rears)


fitted my new Boost, oil pressure, coolant temp & oil temp gauges (clearly they dont match but i like that for some reason)


somehow convince my Mrs (who wen i bought the car told me she hated it and said it was the worst car ever) that skylines are ok (getting there shell come around).


Finished off clutch & put bos back in Etc, ended up going with a backyard flywheel machine with buff gun & an exedy Triple HDB clutch



thanks to Northern Brake & clutch.

Ended up going the Caliper spacers with standard calipers and gtr rotors although i dont have any rotors yet.


Those spacer are pretty damn good quality. pretty sure i wont be able to fit standard 16 inch wheels back on front though, if someone who has done this mod could let me kno that would be good..

"Vertical Hood" mod cos i was sick of not being able to see the back of the eninge (go to google images & search "vertical hood", go, you kno u want to..... R 18+ warning)


Charged my battery, changed oil & filter, put sandwich plate for oil sensors, put coolant in ( no radiator just yet ) fitted waste gate....

got cooler pipes made which was a mission for some reason..... anyway, mocked up an intake that will be ok for now...

fitted cooler piping & intake & afm, made up a dump pipe bout 12 inches long to put o2 sensor in,

and here is where im at



may not seem like much to some but bills come before toys & money is tight...

car runs pretty good once i got some new fuel in it, cleaned out idle control valve & adjusted clutch.. no leaks all gauges work waited for the smoke from the heat wrapped i handled to much to go away & everything seems good..

have got a different p/s bottle now just need to weld some fittings on & hook up some lines, made up a bracket to fit & should be all good,

got some jecs750s (i know they are probably high flow haters go ahead and hate) will see how they go once the vipec arrives. can also get rid of afm then


Edited by PaulosECR33
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thanks dude its getting there

did a little more stuff today but no pics atm

fitted some phillips crystal vision low & high beam globes with led parkers look much better than origional globes.

run my final lot of vacume hoses, for waastegate, FPR, boost gauge

fitted my coolant temmp sensor adaptor.

ran my p/s hoses & insulated from heat/rubbing and fitted a belt.

got a really cheap little pod dilter to fit the engine bay while the afm is still needed

will hopefully get my P/s bottle back with some fittings welded on soon man i got to buy a tig....

only problem is that my radiator bung has gone missing lol anyone kno where to get one i checked ebay & most of the usual sites and went to repco & autobarn with no luck

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  • 1 month later...

well i found my radiator bung lol. finished my exhast and drove it.. had problems with idle. all ok now i have pretty much finished for this year all i need now is my ecu. got a wideband and knock monitor ready to plug in once i start tuning...... fuel system connected, new injectors in i moved the engine loom to underneath the inlet manifold and it looks much neater. also painted the rocker covers & coil cover gloss black..

when lowering the old girl the found the front left and rear left shocks to be stuffed, so i went nuts and got some tein super streets. from teh limited driving i have done thus far im amazed at how smooth these coilovers are, of course tehy are on their softest setting atm... oh yeh i have to roll my guards too so i can get some stnace eventually.. im sure next year will bring more moments of being bankrupt but thats next year, i just want it driving and tuned this year..


here is one of where it all started in my lonely little rented garage..


now here it is as of yesterday. am very pleased with how its turned out so far

Painted up rocker covers and sort of cleaned up engine bay





im sure everybody knows who these two chums are. they are going to be waving bye bye to1 lots of cars in the future hopefully lol. i asume mostly australian cars with american engines ( i can say that i have a maloo )cheers.gif


the height is nice but once i roll the rear guards and pull the front inner guard covers out ill drop it.. but for now im happy with the height




Edited by PaulosECR33
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