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Ad's Hr31 Build

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Hey guys been a member for a while but never thought that my car was worth a build thread, my build isn't like any of the other members on here but i think it's not a car you see everyday. To put a story short i bought the car in Jan 2008 and it was a pig, looked like shit and got me interested into skylines/imports. Since 2008 like anybody that likes modifying cars there has been many ups and downs, felt like selling it and generally gave up on it for a while until i done a motor change. I gave up on counting how much i have spent on it after 20k as it just started to hurt so now i just buy and not think how much it's worth haha. Started it's life out as a RB20DE NICS non turbo and as of May last year it has a RB25DET installed, put 3 months rego on it to see how it ran and performed but like any true car nerd it wasn't enough and i wanted more! Witch leads me to where i am currently.

At the present time the car currently has:



FMIC with custom pipes

Full 3 inch exhaust with straight pipes

Bosh in tank 040

Greddy profic type II boost controller

Standard turbo, injectors and computer.

Suspension and brakes:

Garage 7 front coilovers

Garage 7 big brake adaptor kit with floating hubs

New bushes and lower controll arms up front

Rear HSD s13 coilovers

Front and rear whiteline swaybars

Front and rear strut braces

R33 GTST front and rear calipers

Front and rear slotted rotors


Front projector headlights with 4300k HID's and led Parker's

Later model GTS grill

Vented front bar

Clear front indicators

Front autospoiler with motors (flips up and down)

Clear side indicators

Koya drift teks 17 x 8 and 17 x 9.5

Hotplate rear taillights with matching garnish


Greddy profic boost controller

Oil pressure, water temp and boost gauges

Pioneer headunit with 4 x 6inch speakers front and rear

Drift gear knob

Standard trim, seats, steering wheel etc.

I have missed some things but you get the idea.

Got a few things that im currently in the process of getting ready to put on. A Garrett 3071 that I'm going to have rebuilt, factory made weather shields (Bloody hard to find these days in good condition) Z32 afm and plug, and braided water and oil lines for the new turbo.

The car currently sees the road 3 months out of every year so the next time it goes on the road i will have the above installed and some bigger injectors, power fc with hand controller, a tune and some little jobs that i want done that don't cost any cash!

Anyway ill let the pics tell the rest:

When i picked her up:


Eold motor:




May 2010:


Skyline nats with my brothers 31:



All Japn Day SA:


Dyno. Had problems as i had the afm in the cooler pipe and was running more boost witch was flipping the computer out:


New puppy:


Keep posted for more updates.


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  • Topic Author
  • Will do mate. Got some pretty sweet things coming for it over the next couple of weeks.

    Ill add more information and pics in the next couple of days. :P

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  • Topic Author
  • Got some new parts this week. Tryed painting the weather shields today in our shitty weather but they turned out shit so i will have to repaint them, they were a gay looking chrome so i decided black would look alot nicer! Braided lines should get fitted tomorrow night if i can be bothered as well as the Z32 afm, the lines are made from the standard oil and water lines so the factory oil/water bolts can be used. Still waiting on the pics for the sparco but I'm pretty much sold on it but not putting any money down until i have seen them! Might have a sparco fixed drivers bucket seat on its way soon aswell as a poer fc hand controller i picked up for cheap. Next on the list will be sending the turbo off to get rebuilt and high flowed.

    Better pic of the turbo:





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    Looks tidy.

    The more HR31's I see the more I want one.

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  • Topic Author
  • Little update:

    Got the weather Shields on and sprayed up black.

    Mounted the 8 inch thermo on the back of the intercooler and wired it up! Quite powerfull little shit i must say.

    Extended my turbo timer, boost controller loom and mounted them in the centre consoled with the switch for the electric fan.

    Still sussing out why the car wont shut off. That's another story..

    Currently in the process of making up a box for the pod and a air guide from the grill to the rad support, to help flow the air to the radiator as appose to over the radiator support.

    Found a hair line crack in the turbo I'm going to be getting rebuilt. It is underneath the gate flap . I have emailed hyper gear to see if he can still do the job for me. All going well i should be sending that off in 2 weeks time.

    Dads buying a D40 in the next few weeks so I'm not sure if the skyline will have a space anymore. Might go to storage or a mates place but we will have to see as time gets closer.

    Got a $211 fine from the cops for driving with my lights off at night. But it was still light IMO .

    Going to give her a wash and a good polish on Friday so ill get some progress snaps.

    Whole front end has to come apart to do anything..


    What boost controller officer? This car is NA


    Oh you mean this?


    Little flamin mongrel.




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    lookin good man.

    dont know about down there but in the ACT you dont legally have to turn on the lights till the street lights come on. might be worth looking in to?

    why did you put a thermo on the intercooler?

    Also, specs on the meshies? for sale?

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  • Topic Author
  • Street lights were on but only just! So im not sure what im doing atm might go to court i don't know yet.

    Thermo is a trial for the moment. Mounted behind the intercooler and infront of the radiator, draw more air through hopefully when turned on but shouldn't restrict it too much when off. Mainly there for traffic lights in our 30 degree days!

    Meshies are my brothers works. Got a flat and a slow leak in the other one, so he has to stockies on the rear :P . But they arent for sale haha.

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  • Topic Author
  • Not much of an update.

    Just finished polishing the car! Drove her out the garage for the first time in months to take some snaps. I was all ready to send my turbo off to get rebuilt last week and then i sent a guy a message on SAU trying my luck and he accepted the offer. So i bought this for all the power fc haters :nyaanyaa:


    Comes with a hand controller so ill probally mount it where the standard radio buttons are with one of these:


    This puppy might be next:


    Was going to get a seat and a nardi but i think im going for the stock interior look to keep it low key:


    Back seats. Seriously are bran new apart from the fading on the top of the seat!


    Fail fitment with pipes:


    Weather sheilds:



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  • Topic Author
  • Not really much of an update. Dad ended up buying a Navara from work so my car got pushed outside and now lives under here:


    So working on the car in SA's shit weather makes it harder these days. Bought some braided hose and speedflow fitting from Ev at G7 and a new 6 puck heavy duty pressure plate with a sprung button disk from Ben at Bursons! Cheers boys.


    Currently taking off the cam overs and catch can to have the weld on fittings welded on and then off to my painters to have them painted up black! Hoping it will dress up the engine bay a little bit more.

    Also going to get one of these to help it look a little more appealing:


    Also will be ordering some of these in the next couple of days:


    The Mrs and myself are currently looking at houses so we will probally be buying by the end of the year, hoping i will have a shed or a large garage to work on this. I have pretty big plans to strip it down to a shell, doors and interior and go crazy on it.

    So i will save up for rego and a tune and after winter ill bang the clutch in and get a tune until i can afford injectors and the turbo.

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    Such a good looking bus! Keep up the updates and pics, forget mortgages and that fluff...they keep you even more broke then cars :)

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  • Topic Author
  • Thanks guys means alot! Hopefully i can get some more updates when the weather becomes a little better and i take the cover off her to start work! Just had my speed flow fittings welded on and resprayed my catch can and cam covers. Put them all back together and that's pretty much it for this month.

    Bought this place:


    We wont be moving in until this time next year so that gives me time to save up for a shed and a hoist to make life easier! Mrs has given the ok providing i can save the money by myself. Shall be a rad place for the coupe to live! :laugh: So now all I'm worrying about is putting the clutch in and getting her tuned soon once the weather becomes better to take her out on a few cruises before she goes into storage!

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  • Topic Author
  • Yesterday was such a good day i thought i would pull the covers off! Opened the bonnet had a look some surfice rust but nothing too major i then seen that i had two massive L shape cracks in the windscreen with a couple more little ones starting.

    So a new windscreen is in order and ill get what ever rust there is behind the seals cut out, as there is two spots where the rust has bubbled up the paint next to the cracks.

    Might have some Nismo 555cc injectors next week too! Now i have a cracked windscreen I'm not sure if i will get them as the money is probally better off getting a new windscreen.

    I haven't heard back from Z store in America about my rear subframe bushes yet but i hope they haven't closed down as i have sent them money allready >_< .

    Fuel pump doesn't prime with the power fc or the standard computer. There is power to the relay, the plug in the boot and power going into the tank. Ill change it back to the stock pump and see if she primes.

    Also mounted my hand controller. The wire will be run behind the dash to the ecu but you get the picture where it will sit.


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  • Topic Author
  • Decided tonight that I'm not going to rush getting the car on the road and tuned just for the sake of 3/6 months, id much rather take my time and not be so tight for cash with the house and going to Europe next year.

    So with that in mind I'm giving myself at least 2 years to get everything how i want it or close enough to keep me happy for a while true hardparked style. Ill still be getting my hands on parts through out the time but i wont be putting them on until it's ready to go back together and be driven.

    A quick run down of whats going to happen mid next year once the shed is built:

    Becomes a shell on the outside sitting on axle stands. Everything that can be unbolted comes off.

    Engine, gearbox, tailshaft, rear subframe, power steering rack, lines, suspension, brakes, etc all come out.

    Engine bay/inner guards gets cleaned, rubbed down, resprayed white.

    HICAS gets removed with new Z31 bushes.

    All fuel lines get replaced, fuel tank gets a cleaned.

    All mud/shit under the car gets cleaned up.

    Motor goes on a engine stand and gets pulled down to a head, block and sump.

    New parts get added to the motor. (Not saying hehe)

    Everything gets cleaned before it goes back in.

    Loom gets hidden, battery in boot, relays fuses, washer bottle and overflow bottle get relocated.

    Still a lot more but you get the idea.

    Progress won't really be made until next year sometime but it will be worth the wait. Wouldn't mind doing a couple of skid pan days too.

    Stay tuned!

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  • Topic Author
  • Not really an update more so an post to get my post count up lol. Unwrapped the car and it went up on axle stands yesterday i tryed compressing the suspension as much as possable:


    Also started a check list today:


    Apart from that... Well that's it. Got some rear subframes bushes to get rid of the HICAS and some adjustable caster arms

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  • Topic Author
  • Some goodies that are currently hiding under my bed that i have been collecting ready to go on next year:


    Cazman adjustable caster arms.


    Oil cooler with a oil filter relocator. Will be mounted behind the passanger side vent on the front bumper.


    6 puck clutch with a mechined R33 flywheel.


    Bought 2 pairs of these to go 15mm all round. So that will make it +3 on all four corners :thumbsup: .


    Fitment with a 15mm on the rear. It's currently on axle stands so it should tuck in with some camber.


    Current engine bay picture. Catch can will be mounted in the direction of the lines. I have alot of shit to do under here to make it look 100x better.

    Also got some Z31 rear subframe bushes coming to get rid of the HICAS.

    Hopefully picking up 17x9.5 drift teks for the front next week and then they will be off to the painters. Going to put a pair of KU36 on the front with some 15mm boltons, more camber and she will be sweet. Getting it readyish for hill climbs and motokanahas.

    The 31 club might be having a GB on some custom fender bars to stiffen up the front end and some roll centure adjusters. If that's the case ill end up getting a set of each too.

    Edited by Ad's

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  • Topic Author
  • Front fitment with the rear rims with a 235/45. Once i pick up the new wheels for the front i will be going 225/45. Will tuck in a litle more once i move/drive it a little:



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  • Topic Author
  • Little part update.

    Got some of these from a group buy on r31 skyline club:


    Sold my 17x8 teks with 215/45 tyres and bought some 17x9.5 got my painter to spray them white and put some 225/45 ku36 on them from work. 17x9.5 3 at all four corners:




    Inner guards may have to go as well as a little guard roll to make them fit but we will see.

    Apart from that i wouldn't mind a r31house CF vented bonnet to finish of the exterior :woot: .

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