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Nismo Afm's

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$550+ for changing your std afm's to non-oem non-legit nismo afm's

sounds steep to me

id prefer to sell the stock ones and buy nismo afm's

at least you know they are new and guranateed to work from nismo

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The problem with just changing the resistance...

You still have a 15yo AFM that's most than likely going to fail at some point given just about all of them do.

But new ones and you'll never have to worry about it for another 10-15yrs. AFM issues can often being a major pain in the ass.

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I got mine done by the same people mate, havent installed them or run them yet so comment on how well they work

the way i saw it was

1. I can either go to the trouble to sell my standard ones, buy second hand z32 ones, screw around with plugs etc

2. Buy genuine nismo ones that are more then $1000 dollars as a pair from memory

Or 3 get them cleaned recalibrated and have them still looking stock and able to bolt straight back up to my apexi intake system... remember though ull need to pay for postage to send your standard ones off and get them sent back


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2. Buy genuine nismo ones that are more then $1000 dollars as a pair from memory

Closer to $750 exchange rate depending

Sell old AFM's for $150 - ~$600 for brand new, high resolution AFM.

Not a bad deal if you ask me. Especially if one of your recalibrated old AFM dies... You are immediately behind in both cost and downtime for the car as you now can't use a stocker AFM to get you out of trouble

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agree with r31nismoid

airflow meters can fail with age and are crucial for engine management operation

i see no reason to skimp on them when you can buy brand spanker new nismo's off the shelf readily avaiable guaranteed

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Haha well that's not very comforting! Lol. May have to look into genuine nismo meters then because these re-callibrated ones are $275 or $295 each (exchange for old ones) so like you said if you can pick up a pair of genuine nismos for around $750, sell old ones for $200 you're paying the same for brand new genuine really

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Go for the NEW Nismo AFM's, i was trying to put off getting them because of the cost.

But really, you have to see the benefits

1 - they fit up as stock (air box, apexi pods, etc)

2 - they're new, so they should last a good 10-15years at least

3 - they allow so much more flow to be reliably measured

My missus WRX had the engine go in it, and it was because it was running stupidly lean because the AFM wasn't reading properly and leaned the mixtures out. it cost her $7,500 for the engine and she still had to get a new AFM. the AFM was a $250 part and because it was stuffed it caused over $7k damage.

the question i asked myself is, do i really want to skimp and save a couple hundred dollars and still effectively run a 20 year old AFM or go for a brand newie and not risk having any major issues caused by the AFM's

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Would go for ecu with map sensors but want to retain factory airbox etc and only looking to achieve around 300kw atw. Probably cheaper to go something like d-jetro and not worry about afm's but Unfortunatly cops up this way don't take kindly to pods or made up airbox"s etc and an R34 gtr kinda stands out on country roads lol.

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You just get drama of a different kind to replace it with.

Nothing isn't without drama.

Like what?

Mine's been on map sensor based ecu's since 2 weeks after I bought it in 2005 and havnt had a problem with map sensors.

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