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Sau & Renew Trackday Results


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Hey guys,

For those taking advantage of the friendly interclub trackdays between SAU and Renew, here's round 1 results;

Round 1 March 5, 2011


37 SAU S15 Ben Kirker Club 61

72 SAU TK-80 Trent Kennedy Club 50

19 SAU R34 GTR Steve Ka Club 37

32 SAU R32GTR Dennis Resi Club 33

110 # RENEW Ser2 RX7 Damien Vale Club 26

45 SAU R32 GTR Van Pham Club 12

98 SAU R32 GTR Jeremy Gilbert Club 12

89 RENEW R32 GTR Paul Smith Club 12

12 # RENEW Ser2 RX7 Don Smith Club 4

59 SAU Ser2 RX7 Mike Bennett Club 2

38 SAU R33 GTS-TMark Robbinson Club 0

84 RENEW Ser2 RX7 David Parkes Open 52

130 RENEW EVO 9 Michael Hiscoe Open 50

79 RENEW FD RX7 Malcolm Schmid Open 45

68 SAU R32 GTR Duncan Handley Open 36

7 SAU Nascup Ben Martin Open 21

131 RENEW FD RX7 Phillip Morales Open 20

24 SAU HR31 Chris Easton Open 18

5 RENEW VH Commodore Mike Fitzpatrick Open 18

31 RENEW Torana Stephen Griffiths Open 12

90 SAU 300ZX Richard Huer Open 11

125 RENEW FD RX7 Dale Green Open 10

6 SAU GTR Jason Lavis Open 3

22 SAU R32 GTR James Russo Open 0

187 # RENEW FD RX7 Fernando Ojeda Open 0

51 SAU R34 GTR Michael Hill Street 65

39 SAU R32 GTR Peter Carruthers Street 37

33 SAU R33 GTR John Sykes Street 30

117 RENEW RX8 Alan Riley Street 28

55 SAU R33GTS-T Patrick Hamilton Street 24

14 SAU BMW Z3 Jeremy Coe Street 21

21 SAU R32 GTR Dean Buczynski Street 18

28 SAU MX-5 Eric Yamashita Street 18

44 SAU EVO - VII Anthony McAlpine Street 15

128 RENEW FC RX7 Chris Gregory Street 14

87 RENEW R33GTS-T David Spasov Street 10

57 RENEW RX8 Scott Spencer Street 8

9 # RENEW R32 GTS-T Garry Geoffery Wickert Street 6

66 RENEW FALCON G6E Sandy Macdonald Street 6

25 SAU GTR R32 Brian Bugh Street 2

17 SAU R34 GT-T David Milano Street 1

We cleaned up Club and Street class, so far; SAU 2, Renew 1 :D

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Top Posters In This Topic

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Good work guys, next time I'll get passed the "qualifiying" session so my times will count.

Also what's with the non Nissan and Mazda cars doing in the list, thought this was a Nissan Vs Mazda thing as stated in the Regs.

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Everyone on the day had points accrued, even if they were just there for fun and driver training and not caring about any of this.

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LOL, just read the regs about how point score works... So basically in a single day, you actually race in 3 events... Might as well give points per session people go out...

Also, the Holdens, and Mitsubishis and everything else aren't elegible for point score. They're not elegible for the competition...

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Good work guys, next time I'll get passed the "qualifiying" session so my times will count.

Also what's with the non Nissan and Mazda cars doing in the list, thought this was a Nissan Vs Mazda thing as stated in the Regs.

What qualifying session are you talking about? Unless your car died in the driver familiarisation session- the very first one for new people. Every timed session was part of a round.

I dont think rules are intended to read as other manufacturers arent eligible to compete as individuals so that might need to be clarified.

a20089: ill see if i can get the spreadsheet the results came from and check it out.

mbs206: not sure why 3 rounds per day is funny? It was designed to reward consistent performance as i said in the other thread. You can't just rock up and punch out 1 session and sit on top of the days standings so reliability and participation are important too. Personally I think it will make things closer and more interesting for the series.

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1.6.1 The Championship is a time trial (super sprint) competition made up of three

'Events'. Each Event comprises three (3) rounds; therefore there will be nine (9)

rounds in the championship. The Championship is divided into Drivers and

Manufacturers (Nissan and Mazda).

As stated before I believe the regs need more thought for a friendly driver training day with a sprint in the middle of it, Im all for the sprint but I believe the rules are to strict in some areas and not enough in others, also what other super sprint series has three rounds to a day, should be best time of the day as it is in every sprint event Ive been in or attended.

In my opinion (I wasnt asked about the regs nor were anyone else I know of from SAU) the day could be run as per "speed of the streets" regs from Wakies own web site, or if its the sprint that extra rules are needed for then use a standard style thay SSCC, HSV use from CAMS only for the competitors.

Im only new to motorsports so I could be wrong on lots of different levels, BUT, it just seems like this friendly day has some rules from places Ive never seen, CAMS have a tried and tested set of rules which everyone but us is using as a guide line.

This supersprint comp between clubs is a great idea I feel, not just RENEW but Ive been talking with some guys from WRX club and HSV who think its a great idea.

Im sorry if Im coming across as a annoying git, it may be because Im an annoying git.

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Don't worry mlr, another git here who mostly disagrees with you for the following reasons

1. This is a first attempt that I have seen from SAU to have any form of friendly comp between car clubs, a big thumbs up for doing SOMETHING.

2. RENEW are apparently a lot more organised (based on the communication for this event only). So they set the majority of the rules, ok as they put the effort in, in the first place.

3. CAMS classes are crap and unfairly discriminate against GTR's. GTR owners would all be in SV class because of the 4wd system. SV class allows unlimited modifications. So unless you have a very high priced modified vehicle, you can never be even semi competitive. It also places GTR and all the 2wd Rotars in totally separate classed.

4. The class system developed by RENEW is based on some basic logic with tire choice being a major factor. (tyres make a huge difference on the track). While I would argue that I am racing a stock GTR with a little boost against some highly modified GTR's in the same class is unfair, I looked at how they would enforce any other rules. Different injectors, fuel pumps, AFM, MAP sensors, are just not that easy to spot. So tyres and interior removal are easy to enforce. And since I'm within 0.5 of a second of the other bigger output GTR's I can't really fault the rules.

5. In regard to having multiple rounds per day, even the V8's have had this type of arrangement. It is very common in CAMS reg races. It is designed to ensure high power cars don't do a couple of runs, shit on everybody else and take away the prize. It supports the little guy who wants to try all day, in hir/her car that run that little bit less boost to keep the car consistently running.

6. This is not a driver training day, it is a open track day, with the option of driver training and the option of some minor competition. If you want a driver training day, go book some profession training, I've done it. If you want full competition go join a specialist car racing club. This is something that caters for the inexperienced though to the people who think they might be ready for some competition, in a safe and friendly environment.

Great idea about having other clubs, but I doubt SAU could muster enough entrants to get 9 track days (3 each RENEW, WRX, HSV) a year.


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II was only talking about one day a year with the other clubs, and SAU needed to fill the spots that RENEW couldn't sell, SAU has not had trouble filling any events where it be a track day of TEXI or any other event that we have held, and I'm afraid to say that this is a driver training day with a Sprint added in, Yes I do supersprint with SSCC, my car is classed as SVD and I run with GTRs, this isn't door to door racing were doing. how many RWD cars were in your class.

This isn't Superlap.

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