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Sub And Amp

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hey all!

just a quick question !

i got this 12"sub http://mobile.jlaudio.com/products_subs.php?series_id=16 (on the left colum) and i am just wondering if this amp would be powerful enough http://www.lifestylestore.com.au/products/car/Sony/2-Channel-Amplifiers/XMZR602/ or should i get some more powerful ? im just looking to wire up my sub and my front speaker.

if anyone have any advice of amps please help me out. or if you have one for sale would b goood too.

(looking at around $100 to $200)

thank you!

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i am no expert so someone can confirm my limited knowledge but i thought u would need a 4 channel amp to run the subs and the front speakers, unless the front speakers are run off the head deck, then this might be ok to power the sub. someone who knows there stuff should be able to confirm

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more power then that, you would be disapointed and sony isn't my first choice in amps or even in top 20 choices

the sub needs about 300watts RMS but more is better then less. to a point that is,and get a proper box for it. not generic if possible.

a 2 channel amp like this can run the whole car with the right passive crossovers installed. and proper ohm loads but the power is meager at best.

hate to say it but import a amp from usa is a huge cost saver right now. even with shipping. just select a good one cause the warranty will most likely be void here.

I'd look for something name brand , 4 channel, 150 a channel at 4 ohms , you can do a ton of ways to set it up depending on what your goals are and how loud you want it. ?

Edited by sapphiregraphics
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well my goal is simple just that sub i got and some front speakers.

can you please show me some amps for a good price around 150 to 200 dollars? (250 max)

thank you alot!

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sony is crap. IMO get a 4 channel; 2 for your fronts (hopefully splits) and bridge the other 2 channels for the sub. Option audio make a good budget amp (that I have used) if you are going to buy locally.

Edited by sonnyQ
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option audio is good, they're made by a chinese firm, and rebranded you would be shocked to see how many brands are the same amps.

when you run amps mixed mode, the passive crossover uses up some of the power. not much but some.and the cost of a coil or two for a sub exceeds the savings on the amps

splits in the doors, tweeeter near the mid for staging

amps I'd sugguest depending on budget and where you buy, (50-150watts per channel max)4 channel amp with active crossover (most have that built in ) run the fronts off the amp, bridge the rear channels to feed to the sub

somewhere in the 200-300 watts of clean max power should push it good even up to 500 watts max/peak but then you might void your warranty on the sub. the box needs to be right. the voltage needs to stay above 12v

the signal can't be distorted a lot and it won't play all day long at max volume, or kiss it good bye from a burnt voice coil

in no certain order

Rockford Fosgate



Option Audio

lanzar opti or pro



JL - same guts as MB quart on lower models.

Percision Power- no sedona series





US Audio old stuff, blue , purple, red models. often on ebay cheap. these have guts from a major SPL brand in them

Jaycar , often overlooked but same guts/heatsink as option audio on older models, 1st place winner in major car mag. saw one on clearance just the other day for your price range.

Pionneer- upper models

Kenwood -upper models

Clarion - give chris rogers a call for those

Boss audio , mid models and up are cheap and ok for some basic installs

heaps more

but I'd be wrong pointing you to websites that sell these cheap, transshippers can create problems for local biz in USA and OZ and voids warranties etc.

call around, and find a decent installer.

don't forget your wiring will cost around 40 bucks in kit form min.

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+1 for jaycar, had an old response amp in my VL and it pumped. And it was only a couple hundred brand new from memory.

Personally I would buy locally if dabbling in this entry level gear, for the peace of mind of warranty. Assuming the warranties are worth the paper they are printed on!

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I also do RF. have plenty of that in my own drive car.

a 4ch amplifier would do nicely for the task at ahand. a RF 400.4 will do VERY well.

if thats a bit expensive for your taste grab a clarion one. quite a bit cheaper and still has decent power.

not a fan of option - found that in comparison against the other two they seem to have less output.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Now usually I'd pay out on sony too but the other day I was given the opportunity to try their xm1s monoblock. It's a tiny 500w rms class d. I connected it to my type r and was reaaly impressed with the sound. I was runnung my sub at 2ohms and it pumped hard. But the best thing is that it practicaly didn't heat up at all. I ended up getting it in the end. Sorry if that was a bit off topic...

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hi bro one amp that people do not think about is the audio line amps now i know that they are shit as for 2 and 4 channel amps but with the mono amps that you have they are great you can get a 800.1 for $189 from jb and they are quite good for the money. i work for them and we have tested it against all kinds of amps and its mad for the money.

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