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Help With Small Automobile (Not The Line)

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I have this issue with my non skyline, whenever it is warm it blows a bit of white/gray smoke and drips a bit of water (when fully warmed up ) and if u hit the throttle water shoots out 1 metre+ and smoke everywhere. There is no coolant in the oil, no oil around the coolant cap, its not losing any noticable amount of coolant, oil looks clean, idles fine and has what i think is all its power still. What could this issue be ? Cracked head around the exhaust valves ? Its DOHC alloy head which has ~300k kms and does have visible cracks on the back of it but they have been there for 50k kms and it never blew smoke.

*I did rebuild the engine 20,000kms (not the head)

Anyone any ideas or even come by have a look im in ghunghalin area.

<3 (no homo)

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If its a cheap runaround throw some bars leak into it. Warm the motor up and then take it for a gentle drive for 30 minutes. Should fix the leak.

I'd say you have a coolant leak into one of your cylinders and it only happens when it warms up. So you basically burn the water and it doesn't make the sump sso also the oil. It will get worse though and will do it eventually so its important to use the bars leak now. Chemiweld is another brand.

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You think crack between cylinder hole and coolant gallery or just headgasket? If its headgasket or head i can do it in a few hours no worries but if block would be sad wasted time but i gained lots of knowledge from rebuilding myself. How long the chemiweld will hold ?

Engine is 4AFE series 1


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Actually thinking back i think it may have been the headgasket as when i rebuilt it i didnt use a torque wrench on the head just did even turns on each bolt. (didnt have the star socket in 3/4" drive)

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if she still runs a treat maybe its the colder weather. more moisture in the air. all the hydracarbons in your exhaust the CAT turns to water/steam so maybe its just abit more due to ambient temperature cooling the steam down before it exits the exhuast??

also NEVER USE BARS STOP LEAK! its like kitty litter in oil and all it does it block anything and everything it can and turns your cooling system to chocolate milkshake. if you must, use a product called "stop n go" or "seal n go" (cant remember it exactly) which is a small clear bottle with copper looking gliter in it and its actually liquid glass once heated and sets hard and seals cracks in heads and blown gaskets etc "for good" they quote. worked for 18months on my shitter falcon which had blown all the water jackets out the exhaust side of the block and no1 cylinder (head is off now but needed it to runs for a few more months at the time)

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If thats the case, than those cracks on the back of the head may have opened up.

Also lol at even turns


lol it was even and very tight :P worked alright for first 20,000 kms :P

might try the seal and go and sell it to some unsuspecting person ? or is that mean

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was flushing the engine for the chem-i-weld i bought and noticed bubbles of coolant near the 4th cylinder on the exhaust manifold gasket :O that means the head is cracked yes ? did the chem-i-weld the smoke got considerably less after running for 30mins now i will give it a week and maybe do another later

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No more smokes now i drove from gunnghalin to tuggerz with no problems (apart from 30degree diff freeplay) but no more smoke. Radiator did look like it was being blocked by the chunks in chemi-weld but seems to have dissolved now. Thanks for the help guys :) now i can not put 1200kms a week on my skyline

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hooray! hahaha!!! the mechanic in a bottle works again

yeah fuark im heaps amazed . it completely stopped smoking couldnt even detect the tiniest amount :O think im gonna keep it in there for another week before flushing coolant again, hopefully will last till summer when i will have the energy (and not freeze) to replace the head.

thanks again :) (no homo)

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