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They Stole My Car! :(


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Hey all,

I know its a long shot but my house was broken into this morning between 1 and 4am and they have tried to steal both my brothers s15 and my skyline.. unfortnately my keys were with my wallet in the dining room so she is gone..

plates are JAP 25L its a red34 with a red bride drivers seat..

last seen in glenmore park (penrith), if you find it or see anything call me on 0412589924..

Key points are,

power FC

kakimoto 3inch exhaust (loud)

LED taillights

I have insurance but as well all know it doesnt make up for the 20K sunk into the car..

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Nah i have a guard dog but he was asleep too.. They pulled open the garage door and went looking for the keys..

Had an immobiliser but no use when they have keys..

just got a call from campbeltown police. rear tyres are blown so its been dumped after serious amounts of burnouts (new tyres)

and there is a watery substance with the rubber so probably f**ked the motor..

ill keep you updated

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lucky i didnt catch them or id be in jail.. loong f**king wait now till its released and I have no money to fix it for a while.. IM SUPPOSED OT BE ON HOLIDAYS!!

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Dave that seriously sucks! After our house got broken into and they stole the keys to the GTR (luckily I had it at work) I put a keypad immobiliser on in addition to the standard alarm. That way they have to enter a PIN to start.

If you want the number of the guy that installed it let me know.

Do you want a ride to the trackday on Sat? I'm driving up and back on Sat in Rupret.

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So sorry to hear.

The pics in "Photography" thread on the topic "WHEELS" was only taken by us Dave, hours before.

And there I was yesterday asking you if of late, vandalism had ceased in the area of G.Pk!

"Platinum PI" owned by Daniel Gardener is now "Cartoon Car Systems" re: Car Security.



Will talk to Todd tomorrow re: spare lock set availability

...but he can look over the car for you "officially" for insurance purposes that perhaps the car has had internals damaged?

There was a key/lock set as I recall in the F/S section within the past wk!

P.S. A further worrying part is that this is the 3rd Skyline stolen in western Sydney in the past 6 wks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Man what bums, sorry to hear mate. So they found the car completely intact besides no rubber? I think to the least, it was found unburnt in Minto.

Ah wait, it was Campbelltown police so obviously not far from Minto anyways.

Edited by bored33
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Shocking thing to have happen to you, at least the car has turned up. Hopefully the damage isn't serious, and insurance sorts it out for you quickly.

The police treat that sort of theft quite seriously; it's not just car theft due to the intent, and knowledge that people are within the house at the time of the offence.

A friend had his house broken into and keys stolen, then the car, also tried to steal his show car from the garage; very much like this. The police at the time were talking about home invasion charges; as the thieves know the occupants are inside the house; therefore assuming they're prepared to use force to obtain the vehicle.

Hopefully the police get some good prints, and maybe some scum will be going on a govenment funded holiday...

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Sorry to hear it but at least its not a total loss. Definitely get a mechanics report and see if insurance will fix any engine or drivetrain damage.

They have to cover it.. ^^^

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What utter Bastards, and the worst part is it was essentially a home invasion.

As you say it's probably lucky you didn't catch them, as your the one who would probably be locked up (law sux like that). As far as I'm concerned if someone breaks in to your house you should be free to do whatever the hell you like to them. If it were me and I caught someone in my house I'd f**king kill the Bastards.

Hope insurance covers all the damage (it probably should).


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+ 1 to all the above posts.

if you ever catch someone in your house down the track and need a hand disposing of the 'evidence' let me know :P

saw ur fbook status but had no idea it was this bad, how longs it going to be before the keys come in? Cant they express them?

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