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Post Your Ideal Physique


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As has been said before by many - I don't really have a problem with those that take PEDs like anabolics, if they've put in at least a few years of hard work naturally beforehand. Not specifically reaching the limits of their natural ability, but at least making an effort before taking the 'shortcut'.

It's insulting to put in so much hard work (most of the time, lol) only to see these 3/4 monstrous Asian guys at my gym strutting around in singlets, bulging muscles, vascular as all f**k....knowing they haven't even put in 6 months of hard work before jumping on the juice. If I'd seen them try, try, try, and try again...pushing the limits as far as they could go...and then stepping back and saying to themselves "I tried, I did well, now I'm gonna fark my body while I'm young" I wouldn't particularly agree, but I would look at them in a much less judgmentally negative way.

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On the topic of Zyzz and doing it naturally or 'assisted' and all these ideal physiques that you just question: we all might be able to look ripped etc if we eat healthy, live healthy and train for a few years, but that is so hard... or you could do what most blokes at the gym do and get there in 3-6 months. With the 'drug culture' that exists nowadays for not only steroids but lifestyle drugs, most often don't say no when offered a pill or even an injection that will help him look better in a quarter of the time without the really hard work for only the price of some supplements!! Stating the obvious, there's no doubting you can look good naturally but it will never be as quick and easy as taking roids, particularly if you want everything now! Some people just dont have the ability, dedication or determination to do it the natural and much harder way over a year or two and more.

I saw a guy at the gym that hadn't trained in 3 months, was overseas. Lost all his size but maintained the shape. Got back into it and literally 2 months later was cut and shredded beyond belief as well as putting on substantial size - just 2 months! In 2 months on roids he gained more than I have in 1 year naturally. He openly admitted to taking them, it was that obvious. Even said himself, he can train hard for a year or 2 and not end up looking like he was now. Its depressing in some ways but also rewarding when complimented on gains made, but it sure is hard work!

I agree with this, though I am fortunate enough to be one of those with dedication and discipline who has never felt the need for it. It largely depends on your goals too - for me, it was to build an athletic, well proportioned body. Not to take anything away from that, because it's still farking hard to get your proportions right and maintain a lean bf all the time...you just don't need roids to achieve it (though some still do). For others, you can never be too big or strong and it is for these people that steroids represent a very attractive path to head down...because it is extremely difficult to naturally rival the gains that someone who has been on the juice for a year will see. Fark when I was at uni, I still had a decent amount of muscle...my skinny friend juice for 6 weeks and he was nearly the farking size of me.

I don't see the point myself, I want compliments and respect for the body I've built over years. People who know you, know how long it's taken and respect that. The stigma and public view that steroids is cheating and taking the easy way out (even though we know these guys still have to train hard) takes away a lot from that and is something that will never change. I would also feel like I'd cheated myself out of having achieved all I could naturally. Might as well have someone else at the gym working out for you too.

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hahaha thanks, yes I ment no homo, thought I had to add it in there seeing as I was coming in here out of knowhere pants down a blazing, ^ The tall guy has an awesome physique for such a tall frame, would have been very hard to fill out those long limbs!

Edited by GTR_77
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A lot of guys wish that were the case. You have no idea how cheated we feel when a good bra comes off. It's false advertisement lol

lol amen. Although if they don't drop down/disappear, they're most likely fake anyway.

There's no winning the boob game

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Fools, remove bra when the girl is lying down and put it back on before she stands up. Make gravity your friend.

Yeesh, don't you know anything about being a shallow ****.

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