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Brad's R34 Gtr V-Spec Street/track Build

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Hey Guys,

I though I'd share stage two of my R34 GTR V-Spec build with you guys. But first a little run down.

The car is a Bayside Blue '99 R34 GTR V-Spec with 90,000kms on it that I bought off a guy in sydney for an unbelievable price! :thumbsup: The reason I got it so cheap was because it had a few small issues;

- It had the stock computer however the car was setup for a Apexi FC tune.

- Both wheels on the left hand side were gutter rashed.

- Tyres were in need of replacing.

- And it was soon due for it's 100,000km major service.

It did come with some goodies though;

- Garrett -5 turbos.

- Apexi Pods.

- Fujimoto turbo back exhaust.

- Zeal Coilovers.

- Exedy HD clutch, 1000kms old.

- Sweeeet DVD brrroooooooooooo

- And was VERY CLEAN

So I took it for a test drive (to the bank), handed over my hard earned cash and drove away in my dream car!! The happiest man alive!! :worship:

The next day I drove it 800km to Brisbane to get all the little issues sorted out straight away. I took it to a very well

know and "trusted" workshop who I will not name on here.

I sat down and arranged a package with the owner of the workshop to see 300awkw from the GTR and make it realiable and fresh. As I don't live in Brisbane, I paid cash upfront for all the work and the shipping to my door, which the workshop said they can arrange "no worries".

The package included;

- Full 100,000km major service with timing belt change (all belts replaced with gates and all fluids changed)

- Haltech Platinum Pro ECU

- Koyorad alloy radiator

- Tomei adjustable cam gears

- Tomei Pon Cams

- Clear cam cover

- DBA 2 piece series 5000 front and 4000 rear disks with Project MU pads and braided brake lines (which still to this day I havn't recieved the brake lines)

- Magnetic sump plugs for sump, both diffs and gear box (which were never done)

- Dyno tune


After the car was finished, it sat at the workshop for 7 weeks waiting for someone to drop it at the shipping companys yard which wasn't done untill I called 3 times a day for a week.

Needless to say that I will NEVER get any work done by this "workshop" again and will not be recomending there sevices to anyone..

I finally recieved the car and was again the happiest man alive haha and the 306.7awkw that it now had was enough to keep me happy (for now...).


Thats where the happiness ends..

I recieved info of a track day held at Hidden Vally and I was keen to give it a flogging on the track so I scamperd around to send off the paperwork as it was the last day before entry closed and soon received a email stating I was locked in.

The next weekend I set off to the track and set a time of 1m 24sec around hidden vally which put me at 2nd outright for the day, but on the last lap, of the last session, on the last straight (no I'm not kidding) I lost power and the engine shut down when I flicked it into neutral. I was pissed!!

Turns out my oil temp was over 135*C and I spun my bottom end bearings... The dredded RB26 oil surge strikes again!!

I then found out that I was moving to Adelaide so I thought I'd leave the car to get fixed down here and you wouldn't read about it, while the car was in a shipping companies "electric fenced" yard, some @#$% broke in and stole my wheels!!!!! Leaving the car just sitting on the rocks!!!


After a few heated discusions with the manager of said shipping company, it was agreed to send to car to me in Adelaide with shitty bob jane wheels on it to get fixed with 100% no cost to me..

Which means new wheels, new deffusers, new sills, new nismo skirts and pods and new AD08 semi slick tyres... haha


So here we are, I now live in Adelaide and have the car down here with me to get built right this time and to be built well, I didn't trust anyone in Darwin to work on the car.

My missus (who is actually a mechanic :banana: ) and I have spent the last week pulling the engine out, and today I took it over to Tony at Knight Engines for a full 500awkw engine build with the aim to keep it as responsive as possible..



-Haltech Platinum Pro ECU

- Koyorad alloy radiator

- Tomei adjustable cam gears

- Ferrea Comp Plus +1mm intake and exhaust valves

- Ferrea double springs, titanium retainers, spring locators & locks

- Kelford high lift 272 cams

- Full race port and pollish with matched plenum and customised throttle bodies

- Spool rods

- Wieseco pistons & rings

- Full genuine gasket set

- ACL race MLS head gasket

- ATI super damper

- ARP main & head studs

- Tomei oil pump

- Crank collar

- 7L custom sump, Inc Diff setup

- Belt tensioner & idler

- Direct head to sump oil drain

- Oil gallery restrictors

- 1000cc ID injectors

- Powertune 1400hp twin in tank fuel system

- Precision Billet 6765 CEA turbo

- 6boost twin scroll manifold

- 2 x 44mm Tail wastegates

Should be fun when it's all done..



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Tony is the best you have chosen well, Some bad luck there with the shipping company.

Good luck with the rest of the build look forward to seeing updates.


P.S On a winner there with the miss's being a mech :worship:

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Welcome to the world of owning GTR's where nothing is ever straight forward and easy :laugh:

I might have maybe missed it but are you going to be using the 2.6 or stroking it out to get the 500awkw ? Best of luck man its gona be a wild ride (especially for your wallet lol)

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Hey mate,

still not 100% sure if I'm going to stroke to 2.8 or stay the 2.6, the crank is being pulled out on saturday and we're going to see if it can be reused after the whole lap of driving I had to do to get it back to the pits on the track.

I'd like to stay the 2.6 just to see how responsive I can get it.... Stroking is cheating hahah but I need a new crank shaft then, I'd be stupid not too haha

Can't wait to get it finished and get it out and about :thanks:

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Is this the one from near Girraween a while back (about a year and a half or so)? Running like a bag of shit when it was for sale? Lady was selling it, divorce sale? Suuuuuuuuuper cheap if it's that same one.

Also yeah 500awkw, 2.6 and 272 cams wouldnt be what I'd call responsive either but I'm looking forward to seeing how it progresses :)

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Couldnt tell you if its the same car as I bought it from a young asian bloke... not a disgruntaled woman haha

The car will one be running 400awkw on the street and bumped up to 500awkw for dyno days and events...

I'll will deffinatly have talk to Tony about getting a bigger cam to make it more responsive and however he seems to think that with the billet turbo (1.0a/r rear),

the 1mm + valves, twin scroll 6boost manifold, twin wastegates and a good tune, it will be not too laggy..

I understand that it's hardly gonna respond like GT-SS's, but we're aiming for the most responsive 450-500awkw that we can.

Think of it like a experiment haha :thumbsup:

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Do you need to register your car in Adelaide first if your living here ? Probably the most important and difficult mod to do . nyaanyaa.gif

Hahaha is its going to be off the road for the next three months of so, I'll get it all done when I'm finished with all the engine build :cheers:

All the mods will be engineered..

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I havent read much about the Precision Billet 6765 CEA turbo, but arent they basically similar in response to the small T51? Which on a 2.6 means the wastegates are't going to open till 6k or so?

Response like 4500-9000 sounds more like someting Bobby's going to achieve with his fancy scavenging venturi manifold and lopsided turbo trim.

Either way im keen to follow another build, subscribed!

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stroke that shizz, its so cheap to do nowadays. Look at the spool stuff or look into a nitto, id love a nitto but i went the spool to try the aussie sold one. Cost was also a major factor and the customer support i got from brad was superb when compared to the businesses selling the nitto products

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stroke that shizz, its so cheap to do nowadays. Look at the spool stuff or look into a nitto, id love a nitto but i went the spool to try the aussie sold one. Cost was also a major factor and the customer support i got from brad was superb when compared to the businesses selling the nitto products

isnt nitto aussie owned aswell?

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Hey guys, decided that if I stroke the motor I'll use a Spool stroker kit, I'll use the 6765 turbo...

If I stay the 2.6L then I'm going to run a PT6265 for a little bit better response and aim for 480awkw...

But we'll find out on Saturday when the engine is pulled apart haha

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