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R32/rb20/misc Parts Clear Out Stock And Aftermarket

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I have alot of parts not listed here also like r32 panels, r32 interior parts, r32 windows, r32 2dr BN sports kit, complete rb20det, r32gts4 5spd gearbox, diffs, alternators, heavy duty clutch etc. So if u need anything ask i might have it.

th_SAM_0041.jpg rb20det 5spd Gearbox, $400

th_SAM_0039.jpg rb20det Radiator, $80

th_SAM_0035.jpg rb20det Dump pipe, $10

th_SAM_0030.jpg Rb20det rocker covers, $20each

th_SAM_0028.jpgth_SAM_0029.jpg Momo Steering Wheel, $100

th_SAM_0025.jpgth_SAM_0027.jpg Momo Steering Wheel, $100

th_SAM_0024.jpg rb20det stock SMIC, $80

th_SAM_0022.jpg rb20det plenum, $50

th_SAM_0031.jpg rb20det cam covers $50 for all 3

th_SAM_0032.jpg rb20det Air Box with spare lid and 1x standard panel filter and 1x K&N panel filter $80

th_SAM_0033.jpg rb20det turbo intake pipe $40

th_SAM_0019.jpgth_SAM_0018.jpg rb20det throttle body $50

th_SAM_0015.jpgth_SAM_0014.jpg custom 3" dump pipe/frontpipe for r32 $250

th_SAM_0013.jpgth_SAM_0011.jpg z32 AFM with plug, blitz super flow pod and 3"intake pipe $200

th_SAM_0003.jpgth_SAM_0006.jpgth_SAM_0005.jpgth_SAM_0004.jpgth_SAM_0023.jpg r34 neo turbo $450

th_SAM_0008.jpg rb26dett injectors $150

th_SAM_0010.jpg rb20det coilpacks and mounting bracket $60

th_SAM_0016.jpg rb20det fuel rail $40

th_SAM_0034.jpg apexi safc no wiring loom $20

Located 40min north west from Melbourne C.B.D

open to offers and swaps.

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