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Eoi: 1992 R32 Gtr


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Hi all,

I'm just seeing if anyone is interested in an R32 GTR. I'm the first owner in Australia and have had the car for about 4 years. There's a couple of body issues that need tidying up and it could do with a tune (I have the standard computer on it, but have a PFC with plug in boost controller to go on), but I'm wanting to sell it to get rid of debts.

Car is white with white 3-piece mags (really light weight). It's missing the rear B-C Pillar trims (old brittle plastic broke but can arrange new ones from Nissan) and has a tear in drivers seat fabric.The rest of the interior is pretty good, except a couple of screw holes where gauges have previously been mounted.

Bodywork issues: Front bar is looking a little worse for wear, (have been quoted $300 to repair and primer). Rear quarters have pimples where something floating around in the boot and dinged them out. Otherwise the body generally could do with a good wash/cut and polish, or respray if you're that way inclined.

I will PM/email pics if interested. I'm looking for about 13.5k, but am open to serious offers.

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Perhaps I should point out the good things as well.

New front tyres, rears have good tread

Tein coilovers all-round (not sure what type, they came with the car)

550cc injectors

Apexi pods on RB25 AFM's

Mine's 320km/h speedo (Km's show 76k, but estimate it's done about 125km as timing belt was done just before I bought it)

CD/MP3 player, new front speakers and speaker wiring.

Apexi Power FC, hand controller and boost controller

Oil filter relocation kit and oil cooler.

Yellow Jacket coil packs and replaced wiring harness

Hasemi 17x9" rims (Hasemi was one of the R32 JGTC drivers, wheels are manufactured under licence by SSR)

ORC (Ogura Racing Clutch) 709D twin plate dampered clutch

52mm Radiator, replaced top and bottom hoses.

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