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[Wa] Fs: Modified 1986 Fc Rx7

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For sale: 1986 FC1031 RX7 Series 4

Item Condition: Overall in good condition, running mint (405wrhp@15 psi)

Price and price conditions: $17,000

Extra Info:

As alot of people know, ive owned this car for about 5 years now, and built it over and over again.

This was my final build on it and I am super duper happy with the way it looks/runs now

Basically everything is NEW apart from the block (John Otter built), computer and turbo

It recently pulled 405wrhp@15psi, tuned by Mick@Ovaboost (safe tune)

It did pull 396wrhp @ 9psi, but I told mick anything over 400, and as safe as possible!

This is a true weapon, it is freakin' quick and still scares me hitting limiter in 2nd and 3rd gear

Its got everything there to suggest a 11sec car down the 1/4 mile, but it hasnt been run yet

Check the parts list, it has some super rare, and rare items on it that cost me a bomb to get my hands on / a long ETA as well


FC1031 Series 4 + Genuine BN Kit

Blood orange

F/G rear vented bonnet

Series 5 tail lights

Genuine Ganador mirrors

Pacific glass sunroof + new seal

WORK Emotions 11R-FT in black, 18x9.5 +12F / 18x10.5 +22R

225/40/18 Dunlop Le mans (WILL BE REPLACED BEFORE SALE!), 245/45/18 Kumho KU19 (NEW!)

Rear foresight roof wing (Not installed)

Rear Japanese lip wing

Dark tint on windows and rear hatch (200kms old)


13B Extend port (Good compression on all 2 faces and both rotors)

Polyurethane mounts (200kms old)

Dowelled block

Modified oil bearings

SDR Short steampipe manifold (200kms old)

GT45 Y2004K turbo

Tial 44mm wastegate and screamer (200kms old)

4" dump pipe > 3" Maganflow dual muffler > 2x2.5" Mufflers > Quad 3" tips (200kms old)

5 puck DCS Clutch (New clutch disc, 200kms old)

Lightened flywheel (freshly machine, 200kms old)

Short shifter + Orange gear knob


Dual FD RZ oil coolers with -10AN braided lines

53mm thick alloy radiator + 16" thermo fan (200kms old)

Blitz radiator cap

Custom cooling panels


Custom Vmount setup

3" Tube and fin intercooler (200kms old)

3" I/C piping

Tial 50mm BOV (200kms old)

4" K+N pod filter

HDI vac distro-block

Custom air diversion panels


Microtech LTX8 + bosch coils + Brand new blue hand controller

Greddy Profec B spec II (200kms old)

Generic Turbo Timer

Odesessy dry cell battery (1000kms old)

Battery relocation in boot + kill switch

0 gauge wiring

FD Alternator


1.5L Surge tank

Twin Bosch 044 + 10mm lines

Twin KRC 100 micron fuel filters (200kms old)

800cc Primary injectors

1600cc Secondary injectors

SARD FPR + gauge


Tein HE coilovers

Mazdaspeed rear strut bar

Front Ultra Racing strut bar

Front RE-Amemiya sway bar

Front and Rear slotted rotors

Front and Rear APP braided brake lines

Cusco MBC stopper

1.5 Way Mazdaspeed diff

Polyurethane diff, and subframe mounts (200kms old)

(Also have MMR bushings, DTSS eliminators)


Black Interior + infini bins

Momo Drifting dished steering wheel

F/G fixed bucket seats (ADR)

OMP Pedals (200kms old)

Megan Racing boost gauge (200kms old)

Megan Racing water temp. (200kms old)

Megan Racing oil temp. (200kms old)

Megan Racing oil pressure (200kms old)

Alpine CDA 9855 headunit

VDO Splits

Spare parts OEM: Heaps of interior plastics, series 5 wiring loom, cluster surrounds, door trims (red), rear seats (red), stock parts ie. swaybar, camber link arm and much more!

Spare parts aftermarket: MMR polyurethane control arm bushings, DTSS eliminators, half roll cage

TLC: Some paint chips, bodykit has some damage (cracks and paint missing), bonnet needs paint (has been fibreglass reinforced), Ganadors need a touch up, and foresight roof wing needs paint, speakers need to be wired (just need to be connected to headunit), Boost gauge not working for some reason (but boost reads on hand controller). The hand controller currently has an issue with the screen sometimes blanking on spirited runs, but this will be fixed before sale

Things to fix to make her perfect!!: Headlights, re-seal rear hatch, a coat of paint

NO tyre kickers, NO time wasters, NO test pilots!






post-36803-0-00010900-1338189573_thumb.jpg <-- headlight covers on

Contact Details: PM

Location: NOR

Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: ..

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