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Need A New Rb26. Few Questions

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so my R32 GT-R developed a light load metallic rattling sound a few months ago, i drove it occasionally knowing i'd most likely be up for a new engine soon. the time has come. the sound is bottom end and getting louder and deeper :(

it's a 1989 gt-r so i was wanting to upgrade to at least a late model rb26 for the better oil pump drive gear and just wondering what problems i will come across. if i go late model 32 gtr engine, will the early push type clutch gearbox bolt up the same? what if i ended up finding an r33 gtr engine? will i have problems then?

if i upgrade to a late model 32 or 33 engine, will my ecu be fine? or will i need the r33 ecu if i upgrade to a 33 engine?

are there any known hassles in this department of changing to a later model motor? is it best to just rebuild mine? (nearly a 3rd year apprentice mechanic and would love the challenge but it's not beneficial if the late model upgrade is worth it)

if i go an r33 engine, is the front diff the same? or will i need to swap the internals from my diff to the new sump? or just swap the whole sump over?

any help you can offer would be great!!

álso, any reccomendations on where to buy a new engine from that i can trust will be good? or should i consider buying a new bottom end only and swapping my head over? if that's a better option, will my head be compatible with all model rb26 bottom ends?

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the long motors are all the same, in fact I just put a 33 motor in my 32.

You will have to watch out for diff ratio and CAS if you use a 34 motor, and some wiring differences if you use a 33 or 34 motor. In either case just swap across the gear from your 32 motor.

Assuming it has a f**ked bearing, do not re-use anything from the old motor that had oil in it. Or if you feel brave, stuff like the turbo oil feed and return, and the turbo cores themselves may be useable with a really good clean (probably not). Never ever reuse the oil/water interchanger under the oil filter, you will never get the inside of the oil part clean.

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thanks for the reply. i put two brand new turbos on in november and haven't driven it more than 2 thousand k's i reckon so i'll definitely be swapping the near new gt2860 -7 turbos over to the new motor. the bearing noise is still quiet, it certainly hasn't actually let go yet so providing i pull the motor out before it gets much worse there will be no problems with them. but also, hadn't really thought about that side of things so i will be making sure my turbos are not contaminated before i install them on the next motor. how did yours go? the 33 motor easy to swap to?

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yeah there were no issues, everything bolted over fine. Just lots to do.

BTW, mine had a spun big end bearing, no knock at idle, only when revving. it looked like tinsel inside the sump. you would never believe where bearing material can get to.....

I have also lost the turbos 100% of the time I have re-used them from a motor with a spun bearing within a few thousand klm. These turbos I cleaned out like crazy, as best I could without disassembling, and they have been OK for 500klm so far. Still far to early to call it a success though. Also, I changed the oil and filter after 50 and 500klm as well. You can't be too cautious when the turbs are worth 1500+ to rebuild

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