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Whats This Mean? Blown Head ?

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My mate once bought an rb25 of someone and it had wasp nests in the intake ports like yours

Sounds like it had extra killawasps :)

It's not an old rag is it? Pretty wild colour

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nah its not a rag lol, theres other crystallized looking stuff of the same colour in the thermostat housing, which is why i thought gasket would be f**ked, could it be pink coolant sludge?

I know when I worked for ford a lot of the older models had that pink coolant crap and leaks did chrystalize like that... If its the same as the stuff on your thermostat housing and the coolant is was pink then you've probably answered your own question... I'd be investigating further as its hard to guess from a single pic... What did the intake gasket look like?

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Ow wow, now i am on a PC that pic looks gross! :P But if there is pink in the cooling system then its probably coolant, and if there is coolant there its probably not good news....

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This looks alot like an anti corrosion and coolant additive called Nalco which we use on all our Caterpillar and other large and small gas engine that I work on. When it leaks it crystalises very similar to this and is a very similar funky pink colour.

If you get the dosage wrong it can destroy waterpump seals from memory its ratio is around 1litre of treatment per 50 litres of water, Most of the engine I work on hold around 1000litres of coolant so a 20litre drum does it just fine. When mixed correctly though it should be a very pale pink colour almost barely visible.

Maybe its isn't the same stuff thats in your engine but as i said it looks very similar colour and seems to cystalise similar to it.Perhaps pull off the water pump to see if there are any other traces of it in there.

Good luck

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