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Car Wouldn't Start At All!

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Alright guys I have a major eff up problem here

This morning I turned the ignition on .. after 3-4 seconds the car didn't start but did a boom from the exhaust and didn't start after that after several tries.

I don't really know what has happened. Car had very less fuel , just over E ( may be 3-4 litres) .

Car has Walbro fuel pump ( thats what previous owner said)

What I;ve done so far

- Filled more petrol ( another 5 Litres using a jerry can)

- Changed the fuel filter

- Tried jump start

Sevral tries but no luck. Car behaves so rude!

After a long self car starts for a fraction of second and dies.

- Cleaned AFM ( haven't put it yet)

Do I have to bleed ? my mate said it could be air. becuase I had less fuel and the car has air in the fuel line or something ?

any idea ?

What my car has?

- Front Mount intercooler

- Blow off valve

- Pod filter intake

- Spitfire coilpacks

- NGK spark plugs

- Cusco Catch Can

- Custom made throttle body

- Boost controller (manual)

- 3" kakimoto Exhaust (jasma)

- Tuned Ecu

14psi boost and car's having a 330hp on wheels (tuned in sydney)

any help guys ?

thanks in advance



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I don't really know

I think it was due to injectors fueling more , needs to be tuned is it?

well it was changed in Aug 2011 by previous owner.

rust because there was water on the block ( the guy didnt use this car for a long time and then finally sold it)

does anyone know how to fix the injectors ? its running rich atm

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I don't know what a stock RB25DET enginebay looks like, but is that a trumpet on the BOV? It almost looks like a factory.. if it is a atmo BOV then there's the problem.

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If the ECU was tuned for the atmo BOV, then it might make things worse putting the stock one back on (re-circulating type).

What kind of "tuned" ECU? The cold start might need tweaking, especially if it was tuned in the warmer seasons or you live in a area which is cooler than where the owner lived.

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Thanks man

I am not sure what did he do to it.

It was okay in summer and since the winter started its having hard time starting in the morning.

ECU I checked its a nissan standard one I think its re-mapped. I live in Melbourne and car came from Sydney ( my mate bought it )

Also fuel economy on this one is sh*T

whole tank would do about 280-300 max .


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