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R33 Gtr Vspec Rear Diff, Pump And Shafts

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Hey guys,

As topic states, for sale is a Rear Diff from a R33 GTR Vspec.

Not a wrecker diff, came out of my R33 GTSt; quiet as a mouse no whines clunks, noisy bearings or anything like that.

Removing due to fitment of 2way diff.

I also have the Vspec pump for this diff. Which will enable the diff to be run as a 2way, all thats needed to be connected up to the diff are a couple of lines and probably a power signal to the pump. Would be easy to connect looking at a wiring schematic. Run it off a switch on the dash or on the accelerator pedal! I never got around to it before the 2way I have came up.

$350 for the diff

$100 for the pump

R33 GTR half shafts also available at $100 each.

Located in Melbourne.



0400 558 030

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