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Fuel Tank Full Of Crap


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not long ago i had an issue with my car leaning out which ended up being that my bosh 040 intank pump was full of shit.

it semed that somehow a lot of crap had gotten into the tank and had clogged up the pump.

anyway i replaced it with a brand new one.

this made the missfire dissapere and you could no longer hear the pump which was no longer straining.

recently i have been getting another misfire (felt a bit different but...)

took the car to boost worx and they poped it on the dyno to check out what was going on.

it is leaning out again at about 5000rpm. the pump is noisy again.

i can only assume the tank is holding more shit.

i can get it cleaned out but if its rusting or contaminated then it wont fix it properly.

what is the best thing to do get the tank somehow cleaner more thoroughly? get a 2nd hand one and hope it in good condition. i assume u cant get new ones anymore?

(r32 gtst)

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Does your fuel filter (on replacement) reveal the so called crap?

If not, your tuner can check if there's current fluctuation to the pump > leaning out.

If that's so, a hard wire job may be required.

If the current is steady, it can be the pump itself as happened to my 044. My tuner at Unigroup showed me and another technician how the pump itself was displaying a deficient flow rate.

The parts company asked for the pump along with someone else's faulty 044 to be brought in so that Bosch could test them.

I marked the pump and handed it in, in the Bosch box.

Bosch took over a month with the pump and only at the behest of myself was 'it' returned.

'It' was in the box I had, but it came back without my mark. Bosch said there was nothing wrong with my 044 and said that they would not replace it.

How come they did replace it with 'it', and then deny fault? Is reputation worth telling me an untruth?

I hope you get to the bottom of this without too much fuss. Sorry to digress.

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Lol replace it but save face maby.

All I know is that on the dyno first run it was ok the the other %90 of runs it leaned out again.

They re grounded the pump and found te wiring to be fine but I didn't ask any further.

The fuel filter I'm not sure I didn't ask again but the last time I replaced y pump 5000km ago the mesh sa clogged badly by crap.

We assumed that when the last owner put it in allot of shit from the dirty stripped out boot fell in and we just ran the tank too low.

The pump is noisy again which makes me sound like its straining again and has dragged more shit up.

Also they d tell me to swap to a ..... f**k can't remember te brand of pump. Cheaper and has serviceable mesh cover.... Densel or denso rings a bell.

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