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Dr30 Interior For Sale


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Hey guys,

As my DR is getting turned into a circuit car I am getting rid of the interior which is in great condition. Everything other than the dash shell and the door cards (unless someone can supply me with some rough items to replace them with). One seat appears to have been retrimmed but the overall condition is pretty good for a 26 year old car. See for yourself.

Open to offers! Will also separate if I can't sell the lot. Contact Peter for more details 0403306440






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I have a good freight guy. Does regular trips to Vic with cars and I'm sure for an extra couple hundred bucks he'd take it all with him. If you want the entire interior I'm happy to let it go but just need the door cards and rear cards - require the standard ones for racing. As long as they're not terrible!

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Where are you located? Is that a Nakamichi tape deck? lol

Exact same spec as mine which is in good+ condition. But those door cards look amazing. I want!

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