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Fs: Greddy E-Manage Blue Ecu And Software

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Item Description:

Greddy E-Manage Blue ECU

Brand New! Never been installed/tuned in a car. Was going to install in my old car then I sold it before I got a chance so no need for it anymore and just been sitting in the cupboard since.

This is still a piggy-back computer, but much better and more tuning capabilities than a regular SAFC2.

Also comes with tuning software and support tool for laptop on CD.

Full details can be found here on Nengun's site: http://www.nengun.com/trust-greddy/e-manage-blue

You can see what they look like on the site above, but pics can be emailed if required.

Price INCLUDES postage. Happy to do C.O.D for your piece of mind, or you can pickup and see in person.


$300 including postage to anywhere in Australia

I paid $400 delivered for it about a year ago.

Contact Details:

PM or Call 0415 773 574

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There are only 9 wires that come out of the standard wiring harness that it comes with, so it would take an auto-electrician or the tuner an hour or less to wire up and install. They are things like positive, negative, rpm, throttle, air flow, injectors, etc. You just wire/splice them into your cars standard ECU then it just needs to be tuned. I have the Manual and install guide for it also, aswell as the tuning software!

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