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Will An R33 Gtr G-Sensor Work In A R33 Gtst With A-Lsd

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G'Day Everyone,My Gtst has got the A-lsd light on and the abs ecu is flashing codes 62 & 66.I've checked the the wheel sensors and there ok.All the info i've found on the net points to the G-sensor,the output's of the G-sensor are way out and Nissan list this part as discontinued.

Now i see you can buy a digital G-sensor for Gtr's,a gtr sensor has two connectors and gtst has one,but both have a 5 pin connector which i'am guessing is the A-lsd part and the other connector is the Attessa part of it.So does any know if a Gtr sensor would work in a Gtst.post-93096-0-92331800-1338465911_thumb.jpg

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