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Rb25/30 Parts, Head, Ls2 Coils, Bosch 040, 500Cc Injectors, Plenum, Dump Head Gasket

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Hey guys,

I'm no longer going through with my RB25/30 build as I'm looking to buy a new car so the parts I have been collecting are now up for sale. Heaps of these parts are brand new and haven't even been test fitted. Save yourself some money and buy the parts off me!

Item: RB25DET Head

Condition: Used

Comments: RB25 Head from an R33 with supposedly 150,000kms. Complete with cams and gears, valves etc

Selling for: $420


Item: LS2 Coilpacks

Condition: Brand New Never Used

Comments: Set of 8 Brand new OEM GM LS2 Coilpacks. These are super strong coilpacks that handle very high HP with no problems. Many guides online for converting them on an RB25 (can probably easily convert SR20 too). Much cheaper than other alternatives, plus a set of 8 gives you spares. Delphi part number D514a

Selling for: $180



Item: LS2 Coil Plugs

Condition: Brand New Never Used

Comments: Set of 6 Coil Plugs to suit LS2 Coils. Use these to convert your wiring harness to suit LS2 coils

Selling for: $50


Item: Bosh 040 Fuel Pump

Condition: Brand New Never Used

Comments:. Brand New Genuine Bosch 040 in tank fuel pump. 400hp capable. Ordered directly through Bosch from Supercheap Auto

Selling for: $200



Item: 500cc High flowed Injectors, stock fuel rail and loom

Condition: Used

Comment: High flowed R33 Side Feed injectors in a stock rail. Comes with stock fuel rail, hoses and injector loom

Selling for: $250



Item: RB25DET Greddy Copy Polished Plenum

Condition: Brand New Never Used

Comments: Comes with all fittings and hoses. Polishing isn't the greatest in some hard to reach spots but all round pretty good. Great internal quality, smooth runners with no internal slags

Selling for: $220




Item: Q45 Throttle Body

Condition: Used

Comments: Good condition Q45 Throttle body complete with throttle position sensor. This will bolt on to a plenum such as a Greddy / Freddy or ca be adapted to suit stock manifold. Fair upgrade in size over the stock one.

Selling for: $100




Item: 3" Split Dump Pipe for R32 / R33

Condition: Used

Comments: 3" Split dump/front pipe. Great condition tos uit R32 ad R33. Maybe R34 but not too sure

Selling for: $150




Item: T3 Wastegate Adapter

Condition: Brand New Never Used

Comments: Spaces turbo away from manifold and adds a flange for a 38mm wastegate. Great for a big turbo setup or adding external gate to a stock manifold

Selling for: $60



Item: RB30 Head Bolts

Condition: Brand New Never Used

Comments: Head bolts for an RB30. Comes with a pack of grease

Selling for: $40

Item: RB30 Cometic Metal Head Gasket

Condition: Brad New Never Used

Comments: Brand new MLS head gasket. Stock size and 86mm bore

Selling for: $230

All items located in Wagga Wagga NSW. Pickup is welcome, can deliver at your cost. PM me or text on 0437480958

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