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R32, What Rims Look The Best?

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I am looking at upgrading my factory rims to something a little nicer, looking at getting around 17". I have a non-turbo gunmetal grey gts coupe (with gtst m-spec sideskirts) atm but I plan to implant a 20det in the future and also convert the hubs to 5-stud.

For this reason I'm looking at getting 4x114.3/5x114.3 multistud pattern, has anyone else done this? what rims did you end up getting? Pictures and fitment would be really appreciated :)

Also, what do you prefer on the r32's the older 80's/90s rims or something newer?

Also I am looking at buying a second hand set with some decent tread average tyres on them already, not looking to spend too much if you have any advice on what to buy.

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get some sparco NT or NTII they are the best in the world ever, every other suggestion or opinion from here on is worthless...

or it could be that everyone has different taste...

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