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Replacing Springs - Dampers Need Doing Too?

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Hi - apologies in advance for the noob question :)

I have a series 2 R33 GTS25T running on Whiteline springs and KYB shocks. Despite it not being too low, the ride quality is dreadful unless the road is *perfect*, so I'd like to swap the springs out for standard springs (tractor ride height doesn't bother me).

If I put standard springs on the car should I change the dampers too?

Thanks very much indeed, I've had conflicting answers from mates :)

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It is far more likely that the awful ride is due to teh dampers being suss, more than the springs being too hard. Whiteline springs are unlikely to be too stiff.

KYB twin tube dampers are OK. And I mean OK, as in, only just OK. Get yourself a set of Bilsteins first and try those with the Whiteline springs.

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