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Fuel Tank Clean, In Sa?


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ok so my bosdh intank fuel filter keeps clogging up andgetting f**ked by debris in my tank.

it seems filtering my tank by using pumps in kinda expencive.

so i was gonna buy a new tank but i suppose i can get mine cleaned propperly.

i dont know if its random dirt and crap or if their has been standing watewr in their at some point and their is developed rust or something.

my question is where in adel should i go to have it cleaned and what is involved in cleaning a tank properly? can it be done myself?

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fits but you need preety much everything associated with it.





gauge (as that is cal'd to the 72 lt instead of 60.)

tank and straps i would get together

pump i assume a bosch internal pump will do like the gtst (needs to be replaced again anyway)

sender- would this be for the guage?

and guage....why would you replace this would the new sender just give the propper reading for the extra 12ltrs?

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Cleaning the tank your self is pretty easy mate. Unfortunate accident caused a fuel fire while i was changing my fuel pump wiring. Any hoo i needed to clean the tank out after from melted bits and bobs. Its only half dozen bolts or so and a few hose clamps. Shouldn't take longer than 15 mins to drop it out. Drain it and go buy 10 cans off carbie cleaner and go wild. Inside of your tank should be clean i would imagine your only wanting to flush out shit that's gotten into tank.

Its pretty simple just make sure that once your done you give it a good 2/3 days dry time after you've cleaned it.

If you've got rust issues i wouldn't risk using even if you clean it.

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