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any in the SE suburbs available to borrow a TPS for 5mins to check out my car?

Have a problem with the car not revving past 2000rpm & have changed the AFM (Z32) and now suspecting its the TPS..




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if the TPS was toast id expect your idle would be pretty ordinary or it would idle peg at like 1100rpm constant

how does it idle

the engine check light would also be on for f**ked tps

there is no rev cut that im aware of for dead TPS, but there is for dead AFM, it caps at 2500rpm

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I had a look at it last night for him, its a z32, I tried the solder fix, no good. I swapped it for another z32, still no good. Perhaps they were both dead? I cleaned the plugs etc but the ecutalk was showing a good afm voltage output so we looked elsewhere for the source of the limp mode. Do you know anyone with another z32 to try anyway Darren? Otherwise you may need to get the wiring checked.

We noticed the tps on the ecu talk wont drop below 2.3v, shouldn't it be set to .47 or so at idle? The idle isn't very good either...

One other thing, the 2k rev cut only seems to happen when its at operating temp.

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Unfortunately I dont know of anyone with a spare Z32 AFM to swap & check.

But if anyone reads this and is willing to let me test this out for 10mins I would be very gratefull..

I live in Cranbourne.

The idle has always been a little high & I need to cleen my AAC as sometimes it gets upwards of 1800 or so (another problem)

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i have a tps here im not using, i also have a Z32 but its on my car and a bit of a prick to get off so if you wanna borow the tps first to check that would be best, i'm in frankston.

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Damm Brett, would of been over there if only I had seen your post.

Thanks anyway for the offer though mate as I just just picked up both AFM & TPS.

Now when i went for a drive and fanged it to warm it up to operating temp 80degrees or so and its now not doing the 2000rpm cut WTF?

I at least have these spares now so that when it starts i can change one at a time to see if it fixes the fault

Does anyone know exactly the operating voltage for the z32 AFM & TPS for Ign, Idle & WOT (R33 GTST SERIES II)



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get the service manual and look it up .... ?

TPS at idle (or closed throttle) should be 0.35 ish v to around 0.40ish volts. if you are seeing 2.3v at idle or (closed throttle) your sensor is f**ked or throttle body isnt closed properly

AFM at idle for standrd AFM or z32 should be around 1.1v ish give or take.

be sure to note, with IGN on, but not engine running, AFM (regarless) should be 0.5v ish

TPS should be 0.33v ish.

with engine running at idle, AFM should climb to 1.1v instantly and TPS should be the same unitl you press the accel pedal

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