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Star Wars 1313

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Tonight LucasArts debuted the new Star Wars: 1313, a third-person action adventure game starring a bounty hunter stalking targets on the capital of the Republic, Coruscant. Billed as a "mature" Star Wars title, 1313 takes you deep into the seedy underworld of a densely populated planet, giving you access to an array of "exotic weaponry" in your quest to take down targets and "uncover the truth surrounding a criminal conspiracy."

Gameplay apparently involves a lot of cover-based shooting, as well as platforming as you battle your way through the dangerous and titular Level 1313. LucasArts is also bringing in a wide-range of talent for the project, utilizing the many arms of the Lucasfilm business. Industrial Light & Magic, Skywalker Sound and Lucasfilm Animation will all be contributing.


Stolen from IGN. Sauce

Hopefully it is as awesome as it sounds!

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