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Rb26 N1 24U Block Full Engine Built

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i have a built rb26 still at the builders but is ment to be finished in a 2 weeks and is paid for

i have lost intrest in this project and dont have the funds to finish it they way i wont it

and want to buy a house this is a detailed list of how much it has cost

specs intail

N1 24U block machend and decked $3500

hks cams 264 272 10mm lift $1200

tomei oversize inlet valves $350

supertech oversize exh valves $250

tomei cam studs $300

ferrea duel valve springs with titanium retaines $1300

total seal rings gapless rings $600

tomei valve guides $700

hks valve stem seals $250

je 86.5mm pistons $900

arp head bolts $300

arp main studs $300

manley rods with arp studs$800

os giken cam gears $300

greddy clear timing cover $150

acl bearings $300

gates timing belt $120

nsk timing belt tensioner and idler $200

N1 water pump $250

tomei 1.5 head gasket exhaust and inlet gaskets $600

rear head dain and braided line $300

custom 8lt sump gated with extrnal pick up $1400

moroso extrnal oil pump $900

ross balance with tooth gear for pump and belt $100

standard oil pump with gears out new seals and gaskets $220

n1 crank balances and grub screwed $1000

ported and polished head and maching to fit cams $2500

standard inlet manifold

welded dash 12 into rocker covers

not one expense spared other then inlet mainfod which was next on the list

built to run 30psi all day

that comes to $19,500 or so plus anything i have forgotten

will not part out is left compleate


located adel hill sa

msg luke 0438 111 153


just waiting on oil pump to arive and then is compleat

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