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Alloy Rb25Det Engine Mounts

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Not sure where this fits or not in catagories

Does anyone know what model , year r33-34 rb25det

Had skeleton alloy engine mounts ??

I found some that say r33 in junkyard paint marker but same exact pattern as r34 neo , spoke to nissan and a few wreckers nobody knows ? No nissan logo or part numbers on the forging Just a tiny 4 letter mark forged in and google cant find info and a 11 etched in

Anyone know if they might be aftermarket ?

Or nissan stock ? Mine are stamped steel and 3 times the weight ?

(Not rb26 either )

They look a lot cooler then sheet steel anodized blue

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Found a photo of some on a series 1 r33 can anyone confirm that owns one?

found my aircon bracket matches them ? But the other r34 bracket is steel on my spare one

But p/s bracket is cast iron :-(

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