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Want To Change Diff Gear To 4.3....what Diff Do I Need To Buy?

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Hi all,

Want to change my diff gear to 4.3, what diff do I need to buy to rob the gear out of? :)

Needs to fit an R33 GTST diff.


Have you been in an R33 with the conversion done? I had the longer ratio in my r32, first and second just seemed much better to drive, after swapping back to the 4.3 the first and second are pretty short, and wheel spin can be a real

problem, although I can drive to work in fifth doing 60 at 1500 rpm so that is handy for fuel. Have to admit though the 4.1's just felt better, IMHO. Good luck though. Oh, and I got the 4.3 diff from SSS for around $400 which was fantastic.

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I also went the otehr way. From 4.3 behind RB20 in R32, to 4.1 behind 25Neo in same car.

MUCH MUCH better. Would not consider 4.1 behind RB20, but would only consider 4.3 behind RB25 for dedicated drag car.

By the way....the 4.3 gears from normal auto GTSTs are not the same as the GTS4 gears. The GTS4 are 4.375. Even better for dedicated drag car, but damn silly on the road.

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Doing some "testing" the other night and im finding that I need to be at a higher rpm at a slower road speed, so first step is a higher final gear, second step it different box ratios.

Thanks for the imput guys! Stock auto GTST gear it is.

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