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201Awkw 2002 White Wrx Sti..one Of The Cleanest! $18990

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Hi all..up for grabs is probably one of the cleanest Bugeye wrx sti or any sti's in sydney..

If your after a full 100% accident free non stolen...full log books genuine kms..no rust...then this car is for you my friend!!

The car has tasteful mods..best top brand bolt ons you can buy for a jap car!!

This car has very very solid handling and is track ready..even has a fire extinguisher in the boot LOL!!

But seriously the car never give me any trouble i only drive it once or twice a week..

Good thing about STI's they come with a forged motor from factory and their STI 6 speed gearbox is phenominal..very stong

Paint work is all original and immac not one scratch is on any metal panels of the car

Interior is even better..no stains..no rips..no deep scratches..even paint work on the brakes are immaculate LOL

Feb 2013 Rego

Cash Price: $18990 driveaway LOL..may consider straight SWAPS or cash my way depend on car and condition 180sx..s15..skylines..civics..integras etc

Cash price is slightly negotiable..i've seen stock integras..civics..S15...evo 5-7 priced at a even higher price then my asking price

Contact+Location: Sydney...0406 397 152..call me..call me now =D


-2002 wrx sti 81900kms

-201 aw kw tuned by pulse racing

-04 STI rear bumper + Taillight conversion

-ARC FMIC using SAMCO silicone hoses on all joints

-ARC FMIC piping kit

-ARC CAI using ARC air filter

-Cusco catch can

-Cusco front and rear strut brace

-Custom headers

-MRT Dump pipe

-Turbo back exhaust

-Defi gauges, Oil temp, Oil pressure, Boost...

-Greddy oil cooler with greddy sandwich plate and hoses

-Greddy profec B spec 2 EBC

-Perrin silicone turbo inlet pipe

-PWR alloy radiator

-Project MU front and rear brake pads

-Project MU slotted rotors

-Tein circuit master Type RA coilovers

-Whiteline bottom front swaybar

-Whiteline bottom rear swaybar

-Walbro fuel pump

-Whiteline subframe brace

-Zero sports cooling panel


IMG_7326 by buisr20, on Flickr


IMG_7321 by buisr20, on Flickr


IMG_7310 by buisr20, on Flickr


IMG_7425 by buisr20, on Flickr


IMG_7315 by buisr20, on Flickr


2012-02-06 12.14.37 by buisr20, on Flickr


2012-02-06 12.13.29 by buisr20, on Flickr


IMG_7345 by buisr20, on Flickr


IMG_7419 by buisr20, on Flickr


2012-06-02 09.45.40 by buisr20, on Flickr


2012-06-02 09.47.25 by buisr20, on Flickr


2012-06-02 10.49.39 by buisr20, on Flickr


IMG_7298 by buisr20, on Flickr


IMG_7285 by buisr20, on Flickr

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    • in reality the new engine was a swap alot because it was brand new vs 3 years old and the other one needing a refresh after wtac anyway but... the 2.8 is obvious capacity etc and will do current power more easily and add some responsiveness not that that was really lacking  the limiting factor with all this atm is injectors (ID1700s at 4 bar base) and turbo (precision 6780) literally being maxed out at bang on 1000hp as thats what the system was designed to do, so to go more need injectors, turbo and  maybe even intercooler but i know a guy that like his power and will see how this all unfolds  it is a rwd drive on an 050 tyre though and i am just a complete amateur so among other things the ability to drive it becomes a consideration also 
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