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Rims, R34 Gtr, Gram Lights, Wed Sport, Mondeena, Panasport

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i realised my rim hording is getting out of control

set 1

r34 gtr rims 18x9( powder coated white) rims only $1250 with new ruber $1500


set 2

weds racing 17x8 +20( very light with gutter rash) $800


set 3

gam lights 17x8 +20( once again very light) in awesome condition $800


set 4

mondena 17x9 +20 $650


set 5

r33 gts pannasport rims 17x9 an 8 $900


located lowerblue mountains

all funds got to me doing skidz in my race car and buying beer


pick up valley heights or i can ship at extra cost

(i have only taken one pick of a rim obviously there are 4 rims in each set)

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